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How to Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy: Make a Short Film About It

How to Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy: Make a Short Film About It

When actor, model, musician, and longtime friend to GirlieGirl Army Amy Ferguson found herself unexpectedly pregnant, and on the verge of her life changing forever, she teamed with filmmaker Lindsay Stidham to tell her story. Together they set out to capture the strength of women everywhere.

Amy’s never been a traditionalist. She wasn’t the woman that always dreamt of being a mom, but when she faced an unplanned pregnancy with one of her oldest friends (who had also just experienced a tragic personal loss) something told her this was it. This baby was meant to be.

It turns out Amy’s lover was one sharp shooter, and getting pregnant after their first time together left them both to navigate falling in love under the cloud of lingering tragedy, and, yes, facing social taboos that exist when you don’t play by society’s rules.

As Amy’s baby was growing ever closer to making his entrance, they felt the ticking clock of documenting the extraordinary pain and pleasure that was the reality of this baby’s almost life. Amy bared her soul in this film, embracing the thrill and awkwardness of new love coupled with a changing body, and a still uncertain relationship.

These two women made this film for every mother and almost-mother who has ever felt inadequate, scared, overwhelmed, imperfect, alone, not “Facebook or Pinterest worthy,” or so far from the societal definition of “mom” that she’s writing her own.

They also made this film because every mom is a source of strength, awe, and empowerment. They made it because “mom,” and “almost mom” are the definition of true love. There is no right or wrong way to mother. There is only the path you forge for yourself and your own definition of family. Just in time for Mother’s Day, this is a sweet share for any Mom who isn’t perfect, and yet is completely perfect.

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‘Til Death Do Us Part from Lindsay Stidham on Vimeo.

Amy and Maxwell
Amy and Maxwell

Amy Ferguson is an actor and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, who loves to snuggle her first born, Maxwell and geriatric cat Henri.

Lindsay Stidham is a comedian and filmmaker living in Los Angeles who currently mothers her dog Lady Bug and likes being top mama on her sets.