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Donated Chairs Help Dogs In Shelters Relax

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Think twice before you toss that stained old upholstered arm chair curbside, it could be bringing an impounded puppy neverending comfort! The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois – 120 miles northwest of Springfield- came up with the most divine usage of old comfy chairs that’s ever been. Taking the institutional feel out of shelters, they pop a soft arm chair in each kennel to make pups feel less terrified and more at home. They got the idea after Buster, a long time resident, naturally hopped onto their office chair regularly. Since then, people are donating their old chairs to the shelter, and adoptable dogs and puppies are feeling more safe during their time in pup prison.

Director Erin Buckmaster told the NY Post;

“We really thought the chair was too big behind the desk but he’s (Buster) loved it.” Buckmaster said their so-called guard dog loved the chair so much, they wanted the other dogs to experience that same joy. “So we thought it would be a good idea if they all got a chair,” said Buckmaster. “They love it. Like Mickey’s been here the longest, so we put him in his chair and he’s so much more relaxed.” While they wait to find their forever home, Buckmaster said the armchairs have “been a wonderful things for the dogs, they love it.”

Watch the must-see video here, and share this beautiful story:

This proudly no-kill shelter would LOVE your donations of chairs, much-needed Amazon Wish List supplies, or cash!

This idea is catching on already: West Valley Humane Society in Idaho has just asked for chair donations as well!

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