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How Much Is That Puppy In The Window? Find Out On #NationalPuppyDay

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Have you ever wondered how much a new pup will cost you?  Perhaps less than you had previously worried. 

New research has found that on average it only costs around $1,500 to raise a puppy during the first twelve months. This includes estimated costs of food, equipment and toys, medical bills and professional services – everything your new furry friend could possibly need!

What’s more, the data also compares the costs of raising a puppy with a baby during the first year with surprising results – a puppy is over eight times cheaper than raising a child.

On average, a baby costs more than $13,004. A puppy, meanwhile, costs considerably less at $1,552 across the first year.

During a puppy’s first year, new fur parents should roughly expect to pay:

*Food – $595.98

*Equipment and toys – $418.15

*Medical Bills – $469.56

*Training school – $69.45

Total: $1,552

We’d add in a variable for adoption fees as well, though most shelters offer free and low-cost rescue days!  All averages are based on estimates and actual costs may vary depending on breed and size of your dog – for example certain purebreeds have far more health issues than a standard issue mutt. Average lifetime costs is estimated from PDSA research into dog ownership without daycare costs, so if you’ll need doggy day care or daily walks from a dog walker, you’ll have to factor that in to the equation.

Dogs are for life, so PupPal has also explored the average costs of owning a dog across their lifetime. Fur parents will spend an estimated $11,807 during a dog’s average life expectancy of 13 years, which is still cheaper than a child’s first year!

Jennifer Dean, NPD Technologist, from Webbox said: “Owning a puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have, as they bring happiness and love into your life.We understand many potential owners might not know much a puppy actually costs, which is exactly why we created PupPal to help prospective pup parents figure out the first year and lifetime costs of a puppy – after all, a dog is for life!”

Thanks to a new online guide from UK’s PupPal, (created by leading UK pet food brand Webbox) you can find out just how affordable owning an adorable puppy can be! Remember: adult dogs and senior pets need to be adopted most desperately, and first – whenever possible – but since today is national puppy day, that’s our focus!

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