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The Film You Need To See Starring 100 Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

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Seven years in the making, the new documentary, UNITY, takes an in-depth look at what it truly means to be human. Writer/Director Shaun Monson (EARTHLINGS), collaborates with an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators to present a message of love, tragedy and hope, all set against the backdrop of some of the most compelling 20th and 21st Century footage imaginable.

This exquisite piece of film stars over 100 celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Adam Levine, Rose Bryne, Amanda Seyfried, Deepak Chopra, Common, Adrian Grenier, Ben Kingsley, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Chastain, Leighton Meester, Kristen Wiig, Dr. Dre, Geoffrey Rush, Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Aniston, Arlene Martel, Russell Simmons, Joaquin Phoenix, Susan Sarandon, Pamela Anderson, and many others.

Here’s the clincher:

UNITY: is a one-night only cinema event on August 12, 2015 – meaning it will only play in theaters for ONE night only. Sure, you may be able to buy the DVD or download it a few months later, but this is the kind of film you need to see on the big screen in its full glory.

Find a location & purchase tickets here.

Watch the trailer here and feel the shivers up your back:


Join the Movement:

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