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Jamie Kilstein Kills No Cow On His New Cooking Show

Jamie Kilstein Kills No Cow On His New Cooking Show

There is no secret that we are hot for everything Jamie Kilstein stands for. Now he’s taken it to new levels with his clever new cooking show. Here’s what he wants to say to you;

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to trick your friends into going vegan. Spreading rumors of mad cow disease, swapping out their Love Actually DVD’s with Earthlings etc. I decided to make a new video series that will get you the same results, without losing the friends.

It’s called Jamies Fucking Cooking Corner and it came from me not really knowing how to cook until turning 30, but sharing healthy easy dead animal free recipes on my show Citizen Radio. I did it one day for fun and vegans and non vegans alike wrote in asking for more. It’s ideal for people cooking in a rush, transitioning into no dead animal eating, or who just want to get healthy. All of the meals will be whole food based, little processed, not too much gluten, nothing fried or sugar lathered. There are too many good vegan bakers out there to look up and my video would just be me eating a tray of brownies by myself and crying. This is for the best.
There is no hippy shit or chi cleanses to scare away your science friends, nothing too preachy, I talk to people who have never cooked a meal before (trick a loved one into cooking for you.) And the food is really fucking good. If the series takes off I plan on doing episodes with world famous vegan chefs and celebs, taking questions, doing budget based recipes, oh yeah, and most importantly MY CATS ARE IN THEM.

I really hope you dig it and spread it around. I think we need all sorts of voices in this community to get the message out and I hope my filthy voice can be one of them. You can also check out my new CD which hit number 1 on ITUNES and Amazon and is loaded with pro vegan material and the free podcast here and complain about me here

Here’s one for pizza.

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Jamie Kilstein is a proud vegan and political comedian based out of Brooklyn. He has been seen on the Conan O’Brian show, CNN, Showtimes The Green Room, and co-hosts where he and his partner Allison Kilkenny have interviewed such guests as Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Maddow, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Bad Religion, Regina Spektor and more! Support Jamie, love him, cherish him.. he’s a national treasure. Watch him on youtube, listen to his radio show, check out his website, and twitter-stalk him. He won’t mind.

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