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The Movie Of Your Life: Starring Your Crazy Relatives!

The Movie Of Your Life: Starring Your Crazy Relatives!

Chances are; if you read and love this blog, you are a character with a dazzling and somewhat eccentric personality.   Being the multi-textured and intriguing little bumblebee that you are – we just bet you are the spawn of some truly eclectic individuals.

We bet your family is full of fascinating life stories. Do you have an Aunt who could rival Lil’ Edie Beales (Staunch Alert!) and rescues rabbits?   A crazy Uncle who builds statues out of toilet paper rolls?   Did your Bubbe survive the Holocaust and regale you with chilling tales? Do you always tell yourself I need to write them down, and you never do?   This is the time to take action with your very own Scorsese.

Bubbly Andrea Blau and Florence Holdeman of Rewind Pictures are two documentary filmmakers who are dedicated to help your family or organization dig those stories out of the attic (along with your old photos and home video, no matter how quirky, heartbreaking, or deliciously queer) and pay tribute to someone special.     These aren’t tacky Bat-Mitzvah videos; these are beautifully made FILMS — all about effervescent YOU!
La Mommazon
Whether you want to preserve your family history, celebrate your loved one on his/her birthday, or document your love story, Rewind Pictures will make a professional tailor-made documentary film for you to be shown at a special event and then preserved to be passed down for generations to come. All of their films  are uniquely individual to your story, style, and taste. They will interview your peeps with a professional film crew, archive your old photos and home video – and then weave it all together with the music of your life. At the end you will have your very own personal A&E Biography.   Watch out,   Warren Buffet.   Don’t believe us?   Take a gander here at their reel of some of the fabulous films they’ve done for other marvelous types.

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This kind of super special, once-in-a-lifetime gift doesn’t come cheap (films start at $2500), but for many people, this is truly an unforgettable present that you couldn’t begin to put a price tag on.   Can you imagine Grandma Gerty dabbing away at the tears?

So next time you start stressing about what the heck you are going to get your Mom for Kwanzmukah, save your shekels and contact Rewind Pictures.   Get on it – the holidays are only a few drunken eve’s away.

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