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Your Tax Dollars Go Towards Murdering Animals?

Your Tax Dollars Go Towards Murdering Animals?

Help the 100 million animals who are tortured and killed in experiments every year by taking a stand.  We used to be torn on animal testing (pre-veganism) because we thought it actually had made strides in curing deadly diseases, but that’s generally not the case according to numerous Doctors we’ve spoken to. We are sparing you the visuals here, but they are the most hideously painful thing to view, trust us.   You’ll certainly never buy windex again.  Yep, they (alongside most of the cleaning products under your sink) kill dogs and cats and monkeys in barbaric tests so that you can get cancer and clean your windows.  If you want to see inside the truth about animal experimentation we highly recommend a film called “Behind The Mask.”

One Doctor we spoke to said;

“All research should point toward developing better in vitro models with human cells and tissues, because those are the systems that will eventually provide the real answers about what will happen in humans.  HIV/AIDS vaccine efforts, from the first studies in the early 1980s to the recent failures of the Merck vaccine (V520) — have led us nowhere. This entire field of animal research, based on our “best” animal models and building on the cumulative experience of hundreds of scientists using those animals, is an abject failure. More than 80 vaccines that worked in animal studies (primarily monkeys) have ALL failed in humans. How much unabated failure is required to convince us that our investigative methods are just wrong? In fact the recent NIH-sponsored “summit meeting” on HIV/AIDS vaccine research was full of gloom and doom. While Anthony Fauci and some other scientists who don’t know what else to do are calling for even more animal research, the most realistic comment came from Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation: “I think we should pull the plug on vaccine research. Do we have any enterprise that has been studied for 25 years and for which we’ve spent billions of dollars where we have no results? There’s no evidence we’ll ever have an AIDS vaccine.”

It’s time for this to end.

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Share this infographic with your friends, family, and coworkers on Facebook and encourage them to do the same. Then help end this cruelty once and for all by urging your representative and senators in Congress to divert public money from cruel animal experiments into non-animal research.  You are the only voice that these suffering animals have, so be sure to never buy products that have been tested on animals (a safe bet is buying all your beauty and home goods from your local health food store or Whole Foods) and avoid donating to charities which mainly support animal testing with the monies they make.  To learn more and find charities that don’t fund animal experiments, visit PCRM’s Humane Charity Seal website >

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