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Alicia Silverstone’s Mother’s Day Message

Alicia Silverstone’s Mother’s Day Message

As a mother, I’m so grateful for the loving bond I have with my 3-year-old son, Bear. Knowing how powerful and how out-of-this-world beautiful our connection is, it breaks my heart to know that it’s a bond animals in laboratories rarely have. With Mother’s Day here, it’s a fitting time to empower this issue and help our fellow beings.


Baby and adolescent animals are ripped from their mothers’ care so that mother, child, or both can be subjected to confinement, and even death, in the name of science or medicine. This can happen in the wild, where non-human primates are trapped and separated from their families before being shipped off to laboratories, or in facilities, where babies are bred and then harvested as if they were crops. Invasive, cruel experiments are bad enough, but imagine how wrenching it must be—on top of all that—for a mother and baby to be separated from this insanely powerful bond, whether they are monkeys, sheep, or even mice. The emotional and physical pain they undergo is truly beyond comprehension.

Most research primates are macaques or marmosets.
Most research primates are macaques or marmosets. The agony they go through is unspeakable.

I am deeply thankful for the doctors and scientists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who work hard every day to put an end to the horrific use of animals in training and experimentation. The more a group like the Physicians Committee is empowered, the closer we will get to finally ending these inhumane acts that also represent poor science. You have an incredible influence. This Mother’s Day, take action by giving your mom a gift that will honor the sacred bond between mother and baby, and help the Physicians Committee continue this lifesaving work of ending animal suffering and promoting ethical and compassionate research, while making sure that human health thrives.

You can make an immense difference, so please consider making this life-changing Mother’s Day gift to honor someone you love. If you wish, the Physicians Committee will even send an exclusive PCRM Mother’s Day e-card that you can customize with your own greeting.

Wishing you and your family loving thoughts this Mother’s Day and always.

With love,


Alicia Silverstone is an Actress, best-selling author, and mother

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