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Watch World Peace Happen

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Maybe you’ve heard us talk about the World Peace Yoga Conference (now named World Peace Yoga & Jubilee) before, but this past October we attended for the first time. And it was really freaking magical.  Can you believe this is the only truly vegan yoga conference that actually exists in the USA!!  The people involved in WPJ are so full of heart, cool, loving, brilliant, gifted and life-long friendship-worthy – that we couldn’t wait to spill the beans on next years happening!  The food was vegan, organic like we’ve never had before – yes, that good.  Not to mention the classes – master classes taught by some of the most legendary yogi’s, minds, doctors, teachers of our time (think: Sharon Gannon, Ingrid Newkirk, Gabriel Cousens, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, Colleen Patrick-Goudreu, etc etc.) So when our dear friends (and the creators of this miraculous event) Mark Stroud and Anna Ferguson sent us the video (below) that shows some of the magic from this past October, we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Why do we care? Because the people who put on this event do so simply to promote world peace and veganism.  They are angels walking amongst us and we want them to succeed.  Not to mention, you’ll have a really amazing weekend if you attend.  You’ll do the best yoga classes of your life from teachers you may never have otherwise had the pleasure of being taught by, you’ll expand your mind in really well-thought out courses by some of your idols, you’ll eat really, really well, you’ll meet hotties (if single) and snuggle next to the fire at night, or you’ll meet other marrieds and their kids – either way, you’ll be living amongst like-minded individuals for days.  Such bliss! And… bring the kids – the kids programs are wonderful. Deaf yoga and interpretation is offered.

Get your arse tickets to the conference for next year now to join us, because you’ll get deals if you buy your tickets in advance!

More than a conference, the World Peace & Yoga Jubilee is a time of rejoicing, a time of exulting, a time of jubilation!

Why “Jubilee”?

Celebrating the end of the civil war, more than fifty thousand people attended the National Peace Jubilee Concert in 1869 in Boston, Massachusetts. Because of the concert’s success, it was followed by the World’s Peace Jubilee another music event that in 1872 marked the ending of the brutal Franco-Prussian war. Featured singers at this event were the Jubilee Singers from Fisk University, a predominately African American college located in the southern United States. Starting in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Jubilee Singers went on a concert tour following the path of the underground-railroad. Their persistent and triumphant journey inspired and captivated audiences unaccustomed to African American culture and freedom, all across the country. We jubilantly continue this tradition of celebration, forgiveness and peace with the 2011 World Peace and Yoga Jubilee. More than a conference this gathering will celebrate as in the past a future where all are forgiven and all beings enslaved everywhere are happy and free once and for all.

Book your tickets here asap.

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Readers Comments (52)

  1. themessenger says:

    good to see yogi’s who preach peace love and kindness actually LIVING that way. you cannot be “enlightened” if you take death into your body, and there is no argument to that. if ever there were individuals who were truly on the path to achieving that, I think its these people.

  2. Coco says:

    Simply amazing people! Every single time I hear Ingrid Newkirk speak, I feel my eyes fill with tears. She’s such a beautiful woman!<3


  3. THANK YOU for posting this!! This filled my eyes with tears to see all of my “rock stars” in one place being simply beautiful. Brad Pitt had NOTHING over David Life! Hopefully a lot of non-yogis won’t be intimidated and will also think of attending. I am going to spread the word around here and hope to find a way to attend.

  4. vegangirl1 says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I am so fortunate to be good friends with the master minds behind this amazing jubilee! I look forward to October every year…it is a time for learning, community, releasing, sharing, loving and jubilating :)

  5. grandma dirt says:

    i LOVE this jubilee!!! it gets me from cali to ohio for a long weekend of bliss!!! i can’t wait to hear and participate in more teachings, yoga classes, and eat the so so so so so very yummy food!!! best vegan food ever!!! thanks for posting this!!!! i will definitely be there

  6. SDude says:

    I’m actually choked up :) That was really put together well and I’m blown away. If that doesn’t make you want to come then i don’t know what will! See you there!!! Thank you Anna and the WHOLE crew for all that you do!

  7. Dougie-ji says:

    Love it each year. Goes by way too fast. Kind of like the experience of heaven, being in that happy dream state where you do not recognize the passage of time. “Where time rests in the eternity of time” (The Gospel of Mary Magdelene). Can’t wait til next year, loved the yoga teachings, the live music performances and the food.

  8. M Lori says:

    This is a wonderful place to touch each year. There’s something long lasting to learn, practice and experience for all who believe in peace. Anna and Mark know how to gather an amazing space for all. Music, satsang, yoga, delicious food, a worldwide collection of like-minded beings. Hope to see u Oct 2011!

  9. Nicole says:

    Omg! What I would love to go and be among like minded people and not have to be surrounded by the bringers of death. I have not practiced yoga in a while and always on my own, this would be a wonderful opportunity. Also if Ingrid Newkirk is there, it is totally worth. I met her when she came to Los Angeles to promote a book. What a wonderful, kind and warm woman. When I told her she was one of the reasons I went vegan, she raised her arms and say “yes!”. This world peace event is the most wonderful thing that I can see.

  10. John Mooter says:

    Finally, yoga with Ahimsa.It is wonderful to see such positive things happening in the vegan community the past few years in our area. May it continue, and may all beings be happy and free from suffering.

  11. maya says:

    Wow. I am blown away. Thank you so much for posting. I will definitely try to make it there this year!

  12. […] next real trip will be in October to the World Peace Yoga Jubilee which I have to say, is one of the most special, wonderful events I’ve ever been to. […]

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