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To The Vegan Activist

To The Vegan Activist

To the Vegan Activist by Anna Ferguson

To those that just went vegan

To those that have been vegan since birth

To the undercover vegan slaughterhouse workers exposing the darkness

To the vegan documentary film producers and filmmakers shining the light

To the vegans that share their signs and voices at marches

To the vegans that silently bear witness at vigils

To the vegan chefs changing minds with delicious food

To the vegan cook sharing meals with friends and family

To the vegan recipe sharers inspiring people to try something new

To the compassionate health professionals

To the plant-sourced fitness experts and bodybuilders

To the vegan life coaches

To the body positive vegans

To the high fashion vegans

To the hippy vegans

To the punk vegans

To the minimalist vegans

To the sidewalk chalktivism vegans

To the t-shirt wearing vegans

To the button and sticker wearing vegans

To the tattooed vegans

To the vegan authors

To the vegan bloggers

To the vegan YouTubers and vloggers

To the vegan social media likers and sharers

To the vegan musicians playing and singing from their heart

To the vegan celebrities using their platform for compassion

To the vegan artists painting, drawing, and molding a vision of a more peaceful world

To the vegan entrepreneurs sharing compassionate and innovative products

To the vegans that make a conscious effort to purchase those products

To the vegan-centric schools teaching compassion alongside core academics

To the homeschooling vegans

To the vegans navigating public or private schools

To the vegans passing out pamphlets on college campuses

To the vegan dads that gently remove spiders from their homes

To the single vegan moms shifting and encouraging their teens to share in a newly adopted lifestyle

To the vegan parents that are doing their best to raise their children with values that honor empathy and kindness

To the religious vegans

To the atheist vegans

And to the spiritual vegans living a compassionate lifestyle

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To the self-care vegans

To the mindfulness vegans

To the meditating vegan yogis

To the sanctuary starting vegans

To the adopt a cat and dog vegans

To the community building vegans

To the vegans that show up and play a part in building these communities

To the environmental vegans

To the social justice vegans

And to the intersectional vegans guiding us in the understanding of the interconnected nature of all forms of oppression

To the vegans changing laws

To the vegans changing hearts

To the many vegans not mentioned…

To the Vegan Activist…

Those that are actively and consciously working on themselves to embody empathy and compassion and with every word or action taken, ask themselves: “Is what I am saying or doing an extension of my compassionate values?”

May we be united in our compassion—for each other and for any fellow being suffering from exploitation and oppression.

We are all on the front lines. Actually, no…there are no front lines. This is not a military effort. This is a compassion effort. We are all in this together…in this circle of compassion.

Stand in your power. Stand in your peace. Stand in your kindness. Stand in your empathy. Stand in your compassion.

There are many ways to be an activist. What inspires you? Who has inspired you? Comment and tag below.

Anna Ferguson is the author of World Peace Yoga, a companion book to Dr. Will Tuttle’s book The World Peace Diet and co-founder of Heärt Montessori, a school that teaches vegan-centric compassion alongside core academics. Connect with Anna via Instagram @annafergusonpeace or via Facebook.

Image from Anna’s book, World Peace Yoga: Yoga for People Who Breathe.

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