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Leveraging Digital In The New World

Leveraging Digital In The New World

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In times of business collapse, one thing on the rise is digital media and online sales. Today, Jeremy Davis – digital design expert and owner of award-winning app & website design company Craft & Valor – chimes in on how you can still grow a business when everything is closed down;

Leveraging Digital In The New World
Leveraging Digital In The New World

We know a lot of you are afraid of how Covid19 will affect not only your families, but your businesses. We hear your fears and concerns. Our agency Craft & Valor is still hard at work 24/7 for all our clients, working remotely from our homes, and readying for the new world. The good news (in a very bad news time) is that we all are still online – together – living by digital connection. Websites are getting more hits than ever, and apps are continuing to receive downloads and monetize. Nonprofits are strategizing new ways to develop relationships, retailers are thriving with ease of usability online, and creativity is at an all-time high.

Your company is still able to leverage digital to maximize your engagement – and reimagine traditional marketing routes and opt for companies which provide solutions like a digital marketing jacksonville firm. In the times wherein everything is uncertain, you would need to move to a digital way of life. Your business may need a shakeup, sure, maybe you have had to look into partner buyout loans as you are taking the company in a new direction because of what is happening in the world with COVID-19, that’s fine, as long as you remain focused on your goals.

The Wall Street Journal said;

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt lives around the world, two things have become increasingly clear to corporate leaders:
* They’re witnessing the critical and growing importance of their organization’s digital presence
* They’re especially impacted by the ability to communicate effectively online

Just as people are forming lines outside grocery stores, e-commerce sites that sell those same essentials are experiencing a huge surge in traffic. Simply put – how much effort you put into your online presence will make you or break you in the months in-person simply won’t be an option. For example, if you have a blog and you have not optimized it with the right keywords that have been provided by a seo firm or your in-house marketing team, you could fail to see much traffic on your webpage, despite it having useful and relevant information. Similarly, if you own a store and don’t have a modern, easy-to-use, slick web experience ready for your customers – you’ll likely be the first to shutter your doors. However, it may be quite an easy job to gain traction with the help of web designers from firms like Cefar.

We are a small family-owned company, and we thank you so much (now – more than ever) for sending us clients for websites, apps, logos, and all other digital needs.

As all your business has now gone online, it may be time for a website facelift or to re-imagine that app idea you’ve always had. Let us give you our honest feedback schedule a zoom chat!

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We also – most importantly – wanted to let you know that for any new business that comes to us in the next 6 months, we will be donating 15% of to Food For The Frontlines, which works to feed our s/hero’s risking their lives daily to keep us alive. Please share this email so that we can make this a reality!

Compassion drives us every day in all our projects, and we are sending that love & healing out to all of you.

Now in the words of the great Tracey Ullman; “GO HOME!” (and stay home!)

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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