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Vegan Bakery Goodness

Vegan Bakery Goodness

That’s where you’ll find me on October 15th (my Birthday, for those of you whose head I haven’t drilled it into yet).   Why are Birthday’s such a nuisance to some people, and such joy to others?

I guess I feel extraordinarily attached to making sure my Birthday is extra fun because (insert sob story drum roll and violins here please) my parents often forgot it, and I craved balloons and hi jinks and glitter ice cream cones.   My Dad would mainly just slip cash under my (locked) door, and my Mom would buy a card somewhere between lunching and fielding my screaming sisters.   As I’ve created my own grown up, big girl life – I have decreed my Birthday important.   I now love everything about Birthdays… except mammoth flower deliveries.   Please don’t send me flowers.   Flowers die, and are an environmental disaster (all that fossil fuel shipping them from distant lands!), but nobody can say no to Cupcakes on their doorstep!   May we suggest the classic, and divine gift of cake?   Marie-Antoinette would agree, there is no more appropriate display of decadence.   And lest you forget whose blog you are reading for a hot second, don’t think we will let you stuff your face with cow boob milk, chicken periods, and white sugar!   Hell no!   You can eat sweet and be kind to your bod and the animals and the environment simultaneously.   What do they use instead?   Agave, whole wheat flour, spelt flour, coconut oil, and other fabulously natural and good-for-you crap.   Yea, you heard right.   And trust us, if we can fool our carnivorous peeps with these vegan goodies, so can you! Hit up these dulcet spots for something as simple as a brownie, to as elaborate as your wedding cake.

Babycakes (in New York and Los Angeles) will deliver a dozen cupcakes to your honey (for half the price of what a decent bouquet of flowers would cost), and they are not only perfection to the mouth – they are good for you!

Babycakes are scrumptious!

VeganTreats out of Bethlehem, PA does special orders and deliveries in NY, Philly, and DC.   This sweet bakery is owned by hot rock n’ roll Mama Danielle Konya, with two-tone hair and a big heart.


Vegan Treats Cake

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We are positive we’ve left off a few here and there – so feel free to leave comments if we’ve missed one of your favorite vegan bakers.   Oh, and I dnd’t actually mean send ME these tasty treaters. I’m on a diet.   Mwah.