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I’m A Mom Of 3 And These Are – By Far – The Best Kids KN95 Masks I Have Found

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Our kids desperately need in person school, but we know sending our kids to in person school is a risk every single day, not only for what they can get and bring home – but what they may give their teachers who brave possible infection every day for our kids. (Thank you, teachers working during the pandemic  – you are our s/hero’s!) Because of that, when I finally made the leap to send my kids back to in person school, I did my due diligence to learn about the best possible masks for child faces. I talked to a handful of “mask nerds” – people who are scientists or Doctors by profession – and the overall consensus was to stick to a KN95. I then reviewed the CDC’s guidelines of how to best fit the mask around my face, as well as my children’s, and then I got set to order all the kids KN95 masks I could find.

As recently as last week, the NY health commissioner recommended that we not only mask up – but we double mask because the lightweight single ply masks most people are wearing are just nowhere nearly as protective as a KN95.  Although a fabric mask that can be washed daily – from an environmental perspective – is the best choice, KN95’s are simply superior protection.

Just please be sure that before you  throw them in the garbage can, that you clip the ear pieces since they are choking wildlife!

After trying a number of kids KN95’s, the Well before branded masks were the only ones that didn’t fit too tight or too loose on my kids aged 5-11. They are soft, have a nose wire for correct tightening, and are adjustable around the ears. I do wish they came in more patterns and/ or colors – but blue, white, pink, and green will do for now. I’m not into the individual packaging since it creates so much extra waste, and I’ve repeatedly emailed the company requesting bigger boxes of unpackaged kids masks. Hopefully that’ll happen!

These are them:

Kids KN95 - Adjustable - Individually Wrapped, $1.99 each

Kids KN95 – Adjustable – Individually Wrapped, $1.99 each

Protective & Anti-Bacterial Face Mask for Kids

I try and offset the kids use of disposable masks by choosing fabric masks made by small companies when they are outdoors, and using mask chains to reduce the risk of a mask replacement mid day at school. We make them with custom names, colors, charms, and talisman for $20 each. For each mask chain bought, one is given to a first responder or child in need. If you’re a first responder who could use a custom mask chain, message us! To order a mask chain, shoot us $20 (that includes shipping which is astronomical!) to @girliegirlarmy on venmo or paypal with your address, name/s, and color/s!

Grab a discount code here.

GirlieGirl Army Kids Mask Chains, $20 to order or pay @girliegirlarmy on paypal or venmo with your custom order and address

GirlieGirl Army Kids Mask Chains, $20 to order or pay @girliegirlarmy on paypal or venmo with your custom order and address

We may earn a small affiliate percentage if you use our links above. We were not paid or remunerated in any way for writing this piece, this is purely our experience trying this product which we purchased off the wellbefore website.

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