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Seeing The Syrian Refugee Crisis Broke Her Heart, So She Went To Help

Seeing The Syrian Refugee Crisis Broke Her Heart, So She Went To Help

The dead children washed ashore, desperate families pulling children along miles of land, and weeping elderly were just some of the images we’ve seen of the Syrian refugee crisis breaking our collective hearts. But when our friend (and GirlieGirl Army contributor) Erin Schrode saw these images, she got on a plane and went to help.

Erin Schrode has the most compassionate heart of anyone we have ever met. She’s a rabble rousing optimist. If there is a chance of inspiring a person, company, organization, product, country, school or just-about-anything-you-can-imagine to be more eco conscious or socially responsible, you can count her in.


As the “face of the new green generation,” the co-founder of Turning Green promotes global sustainability, youth leadership, environmental education, and conscious (read: vegan) lifestyle choices. Since 2005, her youth-driven non-profit has worked to raise public awareness about environmental and social responsibility for individuals, schools, and communities through education and advocacy – inspiring the transition from conventional to conscious for millions of high school and college students worldwide, as well as the greater public. She recently graduated from New York University as a prestigious DEANS Scholar – spending terms abroad in the Middle East, West Africa, South America, and Europe – with a degree in Social and Cultural Analysis. Having visited over seventy countries, Erin has developed a keen global perspective and hopes to inspire her peers to take action and make the world a more sustainable and just place for future generations.

Erin traveled to Greece to assist, and spoke with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin this week about the Syrian refugee crisis:

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Follow Erin for up to the minute updates live from Greece. Her stories she’s sharing on social media are heart wrenching and more powerful than any homogenized news source.


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