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Italian Elle Features Vegans!

Published on May 14, 2011 by   ·   61 Comments Pin It

Italian Elle isn’t particularly known for its animal-friendly features – lord knows they show their share of fur and leather.  But in a new pictorial for May, GirlieGirlArmy Founder and proud vegan Chloé Jo Davis is featured breastfeeding her 1 year old son Panther Britain Davis, and talking about vegan fashion. Shot by legendary fashion photography and compassionista, Amanda de Cadenet, this series of “Women who are changing the rules” features legends like Demi Moore, Charlotte Ronson, and Malin Akermann.  When asked what made her feel beautiful, she responded “Not wearing the skins, fur, or feathers of animals, and not harming Mother Earth (or myself) makes me feel beautiful.” Go pick up a copy at your local Barnes & Nobles, or anywhere that sells International magazines. Be sure to give Italian Elle props on their facebook page or via twitter for showing that real, earth-loving Mamas are beautiful.  And check out Amanda’s upcoming show (produced by Demi Moore) “The Conversation”  on Lifetime.  The show will feature interviews with internationally famous women, as well as lesser-known figures, and include topics universal to women. During the hour-long program de Cadenet will speak with her interview subjects about a wide variety of topics including: sexuality; body image; career and finances; politics; relationships and human rights.

Image Courtesy of Amanda de Cadenet

Italian Elle images (above) shot by Amanda de Cadenet, May 2011.

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Readers Comments (61)

  1. elaine says:

    So…I haven’t been here in (cough) a LONG while, and then the post is this?! I’m laughing just a little.

    Beautiful picture of Chloe and Panther!

  2. Aurelia says:

    Beautiful photo of two gorgeous creatures!

    p.s. Spanish Marie Claire is running a vegan feature in April. xo

  3. Aurelia says:

    Eeks! I meant June.

  4. James says:

    Picture perfect.

  5. Allison Tray says:

    F’n GORGE.

  6. Concetta says:

    MAJOR!!!!! so incredible chloe!!

  7. Aww such a lovely and sweet photo of Chloe and Panther together. This photo to me represents all the things that Mother’s should do for their child, provide nurshiment without causing harm to others.
    Wonderful wonderful photo thank you so much for sharing :)

  8. Concetta says:


  9. themessenger says:

    such a breathtaking duo!!! The dad is one lucky guy

  10. Absolutely stunning photo. Elegant, tasteful. Excellent promo for breastfeeding – you can still be glam. Congratulations Chloe Jo!

  11. TravelingVeg says:

    Awesome and gorgeous and wonderful! Woohoo!

  12. rubyathena says:

    Speechless! Wow!

  13. Sandra Schmid says:

    Chloe, this is so wonderful you are beautiful! Amazing! More more more!!!! XOXOXO

  14. Simone Reyes says:

    Amazing! Congratulations!!!

  15. Kathryn says:

    How beautiful!! Running out to get Italian Elle now! Congrats!

  16. YnNeJ says:

    This is such a wonderful photo! I agree with the above commenter, it’s excellent promo for breastfeeding and still being glam. You look very beautiful. My best wishes for your baby! :)

  17. Yvette West says:

    Proof that beauty emanates from the inside to the outside! Demystifying the FDA lies about protein and proving the humane and health benefits of a gorgeous vegan lifestyle. For readers who are in the dark, read “The China Study!” It was on the NYT Best Sellers list for almost a year. Learn the truth, live humane and save the lives of your loved ones and yourselves in the process! Chole and her vegan family are glamorlicous with brilliant minds and kind hearts which makes them truly STARS!

  18. This is truly a beautiful shot! Congratulations, Chloe. For being authentically you, and garnering the opportunities that reflect that!

    Amanda is a lovely photographer and she always captures women so well.

    Will you be interviewed on her show?


  19. Marisa Miller Wolfson says:

    Bellissima! Wow! So impressed with Elle Italia for featuring a forward-thinking, compassionate, green-minded gorgeous lady. They need to do more of this!

  20. Ari Solomon says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! xoxoxo

  21. Jenny Brown, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary says:

    Gorgeous, Chloe! Thank you for representing vegans in a beautiful, compassionate (and totally hip) way!

  22. Mandi says:

    WOW! What an amazing photo. So beautiful and natural. You inspire me to be a glowing-goddess-vegan-mommy (when the time comes) just like you!

  23. Beautiful!!! Thank you for being a voice and face for the compassionate beings and let the word know fashion doesn’t have to use animals furs,feathers scales, and skins !!

  24. Medea says:


  25. Jackie says:

    Mazel tov Chloe – this is awesome! Really beautiful photo

  26. Kendra says:

    You are an inspiration dear Chloe…and you are definitely a woman changing the rules for the better. So beautiful!!!

  27. lisa shapiro says:

    thank you for using your beauty (and your baby!) to champion the animal’s cause! what a beautiful photo on many levels.

  28. Rebecca Bell says:

    Go go you two gorgeous vegans!

  29. PERSIA WHITE says:

    I love Chloe and Panther~

  30. Nelly Reliat says:

    vous êtes magnifiques, bellissimi!

    Chloé, my dear, we’ve been thinking of you & J. as we’ve converted an entire FRENCH family of meat-lovers, thanks for all your tips etc; quite an achievement for us as French culture usually totally discriminates agains veg’…

    Love from Africa…

    N & E

  31. Dinah Steward says:

    Wow!!! Congratulations, Chloé!! Stunnnnnnnnning ….

  32. I am speechless! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow.

  33. An incredible photo celebrating an honorable life! Thank you for being a shining star and tireless advocate for the rights of all living things. xo DB

  34. Arti says:

    Wow…this is simply beautiful. Congrats on the feature! xx Arti

  35. Benay says:

    Wow Chloe – this photo is stunning – really eyes wide open – huge smile on my face…. what an honor to know the amazing peeps in this picture – and be able to call you friends – Panther is one lucky boy – as is Jeremy…. Love Love Love… xoxoxo

  36. Alexandra says:

    You look totally amazing – what an incredible way to show the beauty of breastfeeding!

  37. Tali says:

    Chloe this is a heart warming photo of you and your precious wee one. Two earth angels changing hearts and minds about how breathtakingly beautiful breast feeding is. Thank you for sharing!!!

  38. Ella says:

    WOW. Beautiful, tender, and powerful. You both look amazing!

  39. Monex says:

    Demi Moore might be nearing 50 while Amanda de Cadenet is almost 40 but neither of the friends are showing signs of ageing. . Helping my pal Amanda de Cadenet with her photoshoot for Bazaar all showing all types of bodies love it!

  40. brook says:

    this picture is simple stunning. i LOVE it!

  41. Was the proudest tourist in Europe to run over to a newsstand IN ROME and pick this up and wave frantically “Look! Look, honey! It’s Chloe & Panther! In Italian ELLE no less, when these people are obsessed with leather and shit!” with the bored man standing behind the counter looking at me wondering why I was foaming at the mouth and pointing out a picture of a woman breastfeeding in a magazine to my husband….lol

    Of course, Gino sends HUGE props and wanted me to let you know that he saw an echo of La Pieta in the composition and loved that representation of the mother with regards to taking a religious symbol/piece of art and finding a way to make it about Mother Earth, modern motherhood, *and* fashion at the same time. Kudos to you and Amanda de Cadenet–and to Italian Elle–for showing that vegans and vegetarians are not skinny, shriveled, dumpy pale looking creatures yet again!

  42. Sylvia says:

    so lovely and as it should be…

  43. Amy says:

    This picture is quite unique, and I love the support of breast-feeding.

    I am curious about the child’s name…. Panther? Why not Moose? Cow? Mountain goat?

    Again- beautiful photo, and I hope to see a lot more support for nursing mothers!

  44. BeeZeeEcoKid says:

    Being vegan for last 17 years & thinking about future of this planet and humans, this is greta news and amazing move from Vogue. Most people do not understand that vegan life style is all about people, and then good side effect is protection of nature and animals. Ethically, ecologically, health and beauty -wise vegan is the way to go. So far humans were feeding animals instead of humans while killing wild animals and destroying nature. It’s time that we rethink last 100 years and become smarter. Meat and diary industries are number one cause for our planet’s pollution, illnesses in people and world hunger…100% animal liberation is the only way for humanity to survive beyond next 50 years & becomes a higher species that we are suppose to be. I am joining Brat Pitt, Ms Moor, Pink, Einstein and many more smart people that vegan lifestyle is the way to go, for us and for our planet and for the future of our children. Thank you Vogue.

  45. Melba says:

    These are the most beautiful photographs – thank you for sharing them with us. x

  46. Siri Shakti says:

    Oh my God, this is the most lovely picture. this photo makes me feel proud to be a woman, and a mother. I love that they chose to take a photo like this.

  47. Pauline says:

    “not harming mother earth” I guess everyone has their own opinion on what that specifically means. I would think eating an animal would be just as “harmful” as eating a vegetable…everything has cells, everything is living….whether you eat animals or only plants you are comsuming mother earths gifts.

  48. Mandy says:

    This photo goes beyond showing the bond between a mother and child in a dignified way…. I believe it could encourage mens lust and other unhelpful emotions to be associated with this natural act, unfortunately there is a baby involved in this sexualised image. Also, in my experience working Lait d’amour (promoting breastfeeding) I have come across some perverted comments which I have reported. Further research (and a man on ebay and some on facebook) led me to find out there is dark (underground parts of the internet) where there are perves sharing breastfeeding images and I found out its actually a sexual fetish, as is shoes, tights etc, its shocking to learn this and I have read some very sick posts from men on porn forums, even comments about the baby in the photos! If you take a closer look at this image (enlarge it) you will see very clearly the ladies other breast in detail, it is posed to get as much sexualality out of it as possible. Furthermore, she is standing up and has her mouth slightly open, which is typical to incite lust.

    • Mrs Peters says:

      Thanks Mandy for enlightening us on the issue, as I tend to agree with you. Granted, the picture is beautiful and tastefully done but people! This is Italian vogue, a fashion magazine! They’re not trying to promote anything that’s not remotely sexual because sex is what sells unfortunately and that’s the angle they choose to sell their fashion!

  49. Lindsey says:

    I agree with Mandy’s comments. I really do not like this photo because it sexualizes breastfeeding. There is NOTHING sexual about breastfeeding and it is disappointing to see it portrayed in this way. Breastfeeding is tender, sweet, nurturing and everything this photo is not!

  50. Fortheanimals says:

    You sound like a jealous b (poster above) who is being made to feel better about her crappy life by tearing down a beautiful Breastfeeding mother. Shame on you!! Anyone who finds this image remotely sexual is a sick demented pervert.

  51. Sailor says:

    Shame on any commenter tearing down this woman who only did the photo shoot to promote Breastfeeding!! As anyone who has ever done a photo shoot before knows, you have no control over the image the magazine uses (even the photog has little control). I’m sure they posed her and baby numerous ways and this was the image chosen. And it’s lovely. If you are “zooming in” to see her nipples then you really are a very repressed creep. Thank you for speaking for all us fabulous bf mamas, Chloe & Panther!!!

  52. Sailor says:

    Animals have central nervous systems. Plants do not. Your argument is thereby mute.

    • Mrs Peters says:

      Mrs Peters says:
      October 12, 2013 at 1:32 am
      A cell is the basic unit of life, plants have cells so please don’t eat them so we save mother earth! Nervous system or not, if you choose to go vegan or vegetarian don’t knock the next person ’cause they choose to eat meat. That makes you as narrow minded as the person who mocks vegans. Have an opinion but be respectful of others opinion whether you agree or not!
      Reply »

  53. Kelly says:

    That was a very rude and nasty comment.
    Shame on you for mocking a child.
    Your name is a total bore.
    Someone who wishes her Parents had the chutzpah to name her panther (most unique name ever!!)

  54. […] ELLE of GirlieGirlArmy founder Chloe Jo Davis breastfeeding her one-year-old son. […]

  55. kimberly says:

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  56. Mrs Peters says:

    A cell is the basic unit of life, plants have cells so please don’t eat them so we save mother earth! Nervous system or not, if you choose to go vegan or vegetarian don’t knock the next person ’cause they choose to eat meat. That makes you as narrow minded as the person who mocks vegans. Have an opinion but be respectful of others opinion whether you agree or not!

  57. click aqui says:

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    a leer un tanto más. Empleo los feeds Asimismo

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