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Utilitarian Chic: Win The Gabrielle Satchel

Published on May 12, 2011 by   ·   60 Comments Pin It

It’s the age old problem, too much stuff, too small a bag.  So what do you wear when you have a ton of stuff to lug, but don’t want to destroy your fancy day bag?

Gabrielle Satchel, $195

The Gabrielle Satchel from Pansy can be worn four different ways – satchel style, messenger style, shoulder bag style and as a backpack. Grab the faux leather handle and tote your iPad to work, sling it against your hip for a stylish commute, and pack all your essentials to carry backpack-style for a weekend away…or maybe for a bike ride to pick up some vegan donuts.

The exterior is made from supple organic twill,  and the eco-friendly faux leather accents protect corners and flap against constant wear, which means no frayed edges – just a long-lasting bag with long-lasting cuteness. Faux leather is inherently weather resistant, chemical free, durable and vegan. The small pocket right under the flap gives easy access to things you need fast like a cell phone, metro card, or sunglasses. Four large pockets on the inside of the bag keep you from scrambling to find your everyday stuff, while a large zipper pocket on the back exterior wall keeps prized possessions (journal, passport, love letters…) close to you.

When worn as a backpack, the Gabrielle Satchel is designed to fall comfortably mid-back. You might even forget it’s there until someone asks where you got it! And you can spot clean it easily with mild soap. Pansy Maiden makes really cute vegan, earth-happy bags that are so wearable and affordable, and hand-made right here in the US of A! :)  We love that they make utilitarian fashion somehow femmey!

Win the Gabrielle Satchel:

Make sure you are a subscriber (if not, sign up stat) and leave a creative comment HERE about why you want this bag, the Maiden (owner/ designer Laura Collins) from Pansy Maiden will choose her favorite comment on June 1 2011, and we will let you know via email.

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Readers Comments (60)

  1. Melia Erin says:

    I’ve been vegan for a little over a year now and am now working on being more earth-conscious in general. I recently bought a bike and am biking to work rather than driving. But my biggest dilemma is the bag! I need the perfect vegan bag that I can use on my bike but also then use to walk across campus and be fashionable. The Gabrielle Satchel is totally perfect for this! I would be forever grateful and happy if I won this bag and could use it to continue to ride to bike everyday!

  2. Ashley A says:

    This bag is crazy cute! I really appreciate designers who consciously make vegan, eco-friendly products like this one. I would love to have this bag, since I am always struggling to find a cute purse that doesn’t have those dreaded words: “genuine leather.” I love wearing something that says, “I’m cute, and I care!” I am going to grad school in the fall, and this would just be perfect for my commute to school, or my internships, or anywhere. Please pick me so I can be the cutest little vegan grad student anyone ever saw!

  3. Nicki says:

    On any given day, I am in Manhattan selling into big corporates, then walking a bunch of doggies around Brooklyn, followed by a rescue in the Bronx, and ending with drinks wherever the first bar finds me. This bag is the PERFECT companion to my crazy random days and nights, and help spread the message to dog and cat lovers (who I deal with daily) and show them that you can show love and respect to ALL animals while still looking smoking hot. Thanks for creating this gorgeous bag :-)

  4. danielle bays says:

    Bigger bag = more fliers and other handouts I can be carrying around with me.

  5. Lisa says:

    I love this bag because it’s cute, vegan, and eco-friendly. I love finding new ways to express my commitment to being eco-conscious and this bag would be another way of doing that…besides I really could use a new bag!

  6. Sharon says:

    I love Laura’s bags and her commitment to the planet and all of us who live here. I’m not a “pursey” kind of gal but I so the options for different ways to wear – including as a backpack – are awesome.

  7. Jasmin says:

    I have a two-year-old, so my hands are always occupied. A backpack would allow me to wrangle my toddler (and snacks and sippy cups and toys) hands-free, while providing an entree to explaining why cruelty-free and sustainable is the way to be.

  8. Aine says:

    I love this bag because it’s a shapeshifter, and so am I. It would accompany me as I magically change from worker bee… to knitter… to dog walker… to bike commuter… to conscientious shopper… and back again.

  9. Mimi says:

    Two days ago, while browsing at a news stand on the subway platform, I was hit on by someone I can only describe as…a child. He was awkward, over-confident, and took WAY too long to get that I wasn’t interested: he asked me which candy looked good, told me I looked like I’d had a long day, and then asked me where I go to school. Sigh.

    I will be 35 in July. I am most-likely old enough to be this kid’s mother. I know I look younger than I am, but come on. Something besides my wrinkle-less veg skin, juniors clothing and vegan sneakers is giving off the “I’m an undergrad” vibe. And then it dawned on me: it’s my backpack. That raggedy, tattered, black synthetic monolith I carry on my back most days, lugging around all of the outfits and equipment I need for my life as a performer, yoga teacher, cancer org LGBT consultant, and animal rescue volunteer.

    Sure, maybe I’ll never totally dress like an “adult.” But have an adult backpack that will also adapt to my occasional forays into the world of shoulder bags and satchels, and, most importantly, that is vegan and great looking? That, I can *definitely* do.

    Please help me avoid getting hit on by gangly adolescent boys by giving me this bag. I will be forever in your debt.

  10. Gabrielle says:

    Well, my name is Gabrielle, I’ve never owned a stylish bag, EVER, and that is just sad. Please help me do my namesake justice and bring vegan style to the tiny island I on in Canada! I will be forever grateful!

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Oh, and June 1st is my BIRTHDAY! It was meant to be! <3

  12. Nathalie says:

    I’m about to graduate college, and admittedly, I’ve skimped over the past four years in buying faux- and non-leather bags, opting for the cheap (and cheaply constructed) — and of course, I’ve been through five or six by now. I’d love to start my new job and transit commute with a sturdy and striking Gabrielle Satchel — it seems perfect for the contortions of crowd avoidance on the rush-hour trains!

  13. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Utilitarian Chic: Win … Description : Grab the faux leather handle and tote your iPad to work, sling it against your hip for a stylish commute, and pack all your essentials to carry backpack-style for a weekend away…or maybe for a bike ride to pick up some vegan donuts. … The small pocket right under the flap gives easy access to things you need fast like a cell phone, metro card, or sunglasses. Four large pockets on the inside of the bag keep you from scrambling to find your everyday stuff, while a large … .. […]

  14. Anna says:

    Wow, I love the look of this bag! I also need to start extending my vegan-ism beyond my diet and into every area of my life.

  15. Joanna says:

    i need a new bag STAT. Mine is tore up from the floor up. And its *gasp* leather. This bag is so old its leather! Yes, there was a time when I was uninformed and ignorant of the effect of my purchases. Since the damage has been done, I still carry it… I would love something that better showcases my values. And my style! Ratty janky bags don’t do much for the aspiring fashionista.

    I use a bag daily for my two jobs – I’m an actor and need to be able to carry headshots and sometimes a change of clothes/shoes, and I am also in marketing and give presentations all around LA. This bag would be perfect to haul my marketing tools, headshots, clothes, whatever!

    I’m the one all my friends come to for resources. Where to get this? Where to go for that? How do you find the other thing? so who’s to say a certain vegan designer wouldn’t get a little free advertising??? huh? *wink*wink* *nudge*nudge*

    thanks for your consideration!

  16. Julie says:

    I have a lot of short weekend trips coming up and it would be great to fly carry-on without having to use my small roller bag (that frankly has seen better days). Also, I live in an area with not-a-lot of vegans and having that cute of a bag would be a great conversation starter about my values and the reasons behind them. Thanks for sharing the info on the company!

  17. Sophia says:

    This bag looks amazing!
    I’m a long time vegan and also a busy graduate student. This combination doesn’t usually allow me to purchase the gorgeous handbags I see on my favorite vegan blogs/sites! I’ve also been commuting to school and around town by bike and the versatility of this bag is great. I could see myself using it on trips to the coffee shop, a lecture or on a movie date. It’s both elegant and professional-looking… exactly what I need!

  18. Melanie says:

    That bag is fsuper cute and I definitely need a cute but ethical bag! I just love it when someone compliments you on a shoe or bag and I can cheerfully say Thanks-its VEGAN!!!”

    The best, most positive form of activism shows people that it is not hard to eat yummy food and wear fabulous stuff without the use of animals

  19. Jamie says:

    I feel like the only working professional that still uses their high school Jansport back pack to transport my belongings to and from work….and I’m going to be 30 in 2 months. I could really use a new, professional-looking, backpack to help my transition into the 30’s.

  20. Kellee says:

    As a costume buyer in the film industry, it’s always a challenge to accomplish not only the perfect looks for the characters I’m dressing, but also to try and stay as echo friendly as possible. This bag is absolutely adorable, plus a practical choice for any girl like me on the go. I’m especially attracted to the no fray feature, as I’m sure all of us have had a strap break or something important slip through a tear in the fabric of our favorite bags! I’d love a chance to have a business chic fabulous accessory that I can proudly wear knowing there’s no harsh chemicals or animal cruelty involved!

  21. Caitlin says:

    I was just passed down a bike to use for riding to graduate school this fall, and this bag would be so perfect for riding in style!

  22. Tiffany says:

    This bag is super cute. I’m trying to get more into eco fashion and this would be a great start!

  23. Carrie says:

    Do want! Then I can show my sister that vegan is sassy and stylish, and cow’s look better alive.

  24. April says:

    I, like all the other commenters, would love this bag! But I find the concept of leaving comments to win things interesting: Is there something special someone says that just screams, “Give them that bag!” or is it still like a random process, it’s just fun to read the comments? Intriguing.

  25. carrie obrien says:

    I love the look of this bag! It really matches my aesthetic when it comes to transporting my “crap”—I’d be proud to wear it and share who made it!

  26. Deanna says:

    This bag is really cute and it’s vegan!! Who can ask for more! I would love this bag because I’ve been looking for something that is both cute and ethical.

  27. Kris DuVall says:

    I am in desperate need of an overnight/weekend bag that can also double as a daily satchel for me! I’ve been vegan for over 3 years, craft in vegan only ways (usually repurposing items), and not only sharing awesome and life friendly ways to be vegan with friends but also have a blog I occasionally find the time to post on. I also proudly can say that I have two very healthy and happy vegan dogs who are like daughters to me and I love more than anything!

  28. Kris DuVall says:

    Sorry! Forgot to add the link for my blog! Please check out the recipe to make your own laundry soap. It’s not only better for the planet, but for your pocket book as well (no pun intended).

  29. melanie says:

    this bag is ADORABLE! like everyone else here, finding a good, heavy duty satchel that is also vegan and environmentally friendly is tough! i’ve been carrying around my food fight canvas tote that reads “don’t be a jerk, go vegan” for years, which i love!, but i’ve been on the search for a similar design to this satchel (that is not only vegan, but also made in the US!). why is this so difficult?! i’m getting ready to graduate college and travel across europe, and what better way to do it in style? (sorry canvas tote and backpack- you’re just not doin’ it!).

    (and of course, always always a fan of girliegirl army!)

  30. AliciaO says:

    Being a student, I have little to no money for things besides tuition, textbooks, and food. So I haven’t been able to buy myself any non-essentials lately. What is essential, is that the things I have work for me and are versatile. The fact that this bag can be styled 4 different ways means that I can use for it for school, work and play (if I have the time!) and be stylish the whole way throughout!

  31. Kristin says:

    I have been vegan for 5 years!! I would love this bag because i’m always going to the city on auditions and i always have to lug my music book around! this would be perfect and wouldn’t hurt my back anymore from carrying around my book on one side. I love this bag!!!!! it’s so adorable! and so stylish!

  32. I agree this bag is awesome. It is hard to find such a great bag like this that is also vegan!! What a blessing it would be to win this!!

  33. The Gabrielle Satchel can be worn four different ways satchel style messenger style shoulder bag style and as a backpack. Four large pockets on the inside of the bag keep you from scrambling to find your everyday stuff while a large zipper pocket on the back exterior wall keeps prized possessions journal passport love letters close to you..When worn as a backpack the Gabrielle Satchel is designed to fall comfortably mid-back.

  34. Jessica says:

    I am a new vegan. Now that everyone knows and sees how proud I am to be Vegan, I get many questions from friends and random others about what I eat and what I wear. Unfortunately, swapping out the animal based products is a slow process and many of my bags are still leather. Ahhh, what I bought without even realizing it!! Anyway, friends have commented these leather bags (and shoes, booo), and while I can’t afford to buy all new, it still gives me a pang of sadness. This bag would be one I can wear with pride because it is vegan and eco friendly – what more can you want. Additionally, I am an avid bike rider and it would be amazing have something cute to put my things in while traveling!

    This bag is extremely stylish and versatile. I love how the inside is striped fabric; it gives a sweet little touch when the bag is open. The clasp handily protects the inside easy to reach pocket!

  35. laura says:

    I’m a girl on the go who wants to be green! I love this awesomely cute bag!!

  36. Marla says:

    This bag is the expression of my soul in satchel form: chic but practical, I think that pretty things should exist with a purpose. That makes them even more gorgeous. This bag would be the perfect conveyance system as I navigate the city on my bike, carry literature that expands my consciousness and even pack extra snacks along for the birds and squirrels. I could also stash my superhero ensemble in here quite easily I think – the lamé folds down quite small – so whenever I need to bust a schmuck, it would be very accessible in my handy Gabrielle Satchel. In my off time (there really isn’t any, but a gal can dream), well, I’ll just be unsuspecting and cute with my cruelty-free bag.

  37. Rachel says:

    This bag would be gorgeous on me. Me likes and me wants.

  38. Sara says:

    As a yoga instructor, freelance writer, and perpetual public commuter in NYC, I am THE QUEEN OF THE SCHLEP. My whole livelihood is defined by what I carry! On any given day I’m hauling around extra yoga pants, a MacBook, mascara, a pair of heels, bottles of essential oils, and more. What’s worse than the burden on my back is the multiple bags I have to lug around – UNCOOL. This lovely bag is what I strive for: utilitarian (Lord knows I need function), chic, and planet friendly. Help me streamline and shed my unfortunate nickname (ask my friends): “Crazy Bag Lady.” Thanks and love!

  39. anne says:

    to show my daughter how awesome eco-friendly can be

  40. Wren says:


    This bag brings about a wild herbivorous lust within my humanitarian loins. It makes my bike muscles ripple with desire. It saturates my tongue with a sugary-sweet drool of fashionable-and-ethical sparkling mucous. It haunts my snow-white-singing-to-birds-in-the-garden dreams. It retards my everyday thoughts with its sheer fabulous-ness.

    Save me from the this wanting hoping yearning!

    Thanks GGA!

  41. Tali says:

    This bag is so versatile! I love that it is vegan and it also supports a minimalist lifestyle in the sense that if you do need a new bag, this one can be like having three! Plus it’s sooooo inspiring to see beautifully crafted vegan anything!
    Much love

  42. Susan says:

    The Gabrielle Satchel is cute and so functional. I love that it is cruelty free and stylish at the same time. I am happy to see that Pansy Maiden is also made right here in New England. I’m always looking for more vegan and cruelty free shopping options around Boston, but thank goodness for the internet!
    Best wishes for your continued success!

  43. Pattie says:

    Hmmmm… there are so many reasons to want the Gabrielle Satchel. Here are the top five reasons I would love to provide a loving home to a lovely bag (because you probably wouldn’t want to read more than that!) :)
    1. It has the feel of an exploring bag, just looking at it I feel like I need to take a (mini) adventure.
    2. I bet it fits tons of books (Penguin Classics of course)!
    3. It looks like something out of a fantastical wonderful movie where you can only wish everything were real.
    4. I could never, ever in a million years sew anything for myself. Seriously I still need assistance when a button sewing a button back on- have some pity :)
    5. I would diligently promise to show it off every chance I get! :)

    Thanks so much and congrats on the collection!!!!!

  44. Lacey Walker says:

    I love anything vegan that breaks the stereotype of vegans being different from everyone else! These bags are cute and functional for anyone, vegans and nonvegans alike. I kinda feel like companies like yours are a gold star in our column. When someone asks where I got something and I can send them to a company that is openly cruelty free it always surprises them that they couldnt tell it was vegan in the first place. Buying (or perchance winning!) items like these is a way for ME to earn my own gold stars. Sure I could go to Target and get a purse that is technically vegan, accidentally vegan, but then I don’t FEEL like i’ve collected a gold star.

    Whether I win this bag or not you all are certainly on my wishlist now for my collection of awesome vegan products!

  45. Melissa says:

    These bags are seriously adorable and, even better vegan! I really need one of these to carry the books I have to drag back and forth to my MBA program. Oh, and my thirtieth birthday is next week… A cute new bag would be the perfect gift for me to be able to kick the turning-thirty blues!

  46. Sarah F says:

    I commute to and from work by bike and this would be the perfect bag for me. My current bag is a crocheted Macy’s The Sac bag which I have had since 1998 (I don’t throw things away.) and always gets in my way while riding. I would like to be more stylish and this bag would style me up quite a few notches! Also, I take really good care of my stuff so this bag would serve me well for many many years to come. I’d be all like, “check out my beautiful cruelty free vegan bag, everyone,” as I whiz by on my bike.

  47. Laura says:

    This bag would make my bike commute so much more chic–especially compared to the milk crate I’m currently lugging my belongings in. It would be great for someone who can’t afford to buy accessories to be able to look stylish for a change.

  48. Nicole says:

    Trying to move into a more vegan lifestyle and my job is very conservative so it would be nice to have a bag that breaks that mold.

  49. Mary says:

    I need this gorgeous and helpful bag for one simple and meaningful reason: I always carry dog and cat treats and water in my bag (yes, and even to work) in case I find a fellow 4-legged friend lost and/or abandoned in the streets. It’s happened so many times before and if I could do this with style and consciousness than that be great. Oh, and my b-day is in June ;)

  50. Kelly Dyer says:

    I need this bag because I’m stressed beyond belief worrying about my 2 year old’s upcoming surgery, plus his 6+ speech & occupational therapy appointments a week, and a bag this gorgeous would make me smile every time I picked it up! <3

  51. Vee says:

    I need this bag because I need to stop lugging my stuff in my bulging pockets and plastic bags (yes, I rarely carry a proper bag..sad but true).

  52. Sara says:

    I have recently become a vegan. This means I have had to go through my wardrobe and get ride of many items that I love and have had for a long time. While this has been hard, I can’t wear things that now represent suffering every time I look at them.
    Fashion is something I have always been interested in, and I am enjoying the challenge of rebuilding my wardrobe in accordance with my new vegan values. Since, I can no longer use leather bags finding cute bags has been one of the most difficult tasks. Also, I am a graduate student so I need a decently sized bag to carry my lunch and other things around during the week. This bag would be perfect for rebuilding an adorable vegan wardrobe that is not only functional but will also show my friends and family that being a vegan is not limiting. In fact, it is the most freeing thing I have ever done.

  53. Andy! says:

    i need to win this bag
    because without it,
    i’d look like a hag
    not really, but i needed a ryme
    this bag is so verstile,
    i could use it anytime!
    perfect for shopping or biking
    perfect for adventures
    this bag is one that i am liking
    Veganism isn’t just about vegan chow
    i’ll show people bags can look chic
    without being made from a dead cow
    vegan and cruel free
    this bag is poem inducing
    however cheesy it may be

  54. Andy! says:

    also i need this bag because i have this rare condition called ineedacoolveganbagitis and this bag can be my cure. the only possible treatment i have at this time is buying non-chic vegan bags, and the possible side effects include suicidal thoughts and explosive diahrrea. please, do it for the children.

  55. Amber says:

    I have been admiring this bag but unfortunately I’m living paycheck to paycheck so…you know how it is. Since I use public transit and I spend about 16 hours a day away from home, I need a large bag and I feel kind of awkward using a canvas grocery store tote to carry my wallet, ipod, lunch, toothbrush, books, etc. This bag is lovely and it would accommodate my needs without the bag lady factor.

  56. Erin Giles says:

    I have 7 reasons!!!

    7. I love it and my biz name is elegant girl, so we could be like biz cousins or soemthing lol.
    6.I can’t even remember the last time I bought or had a bag. And have never had a special handmade eco friendly bag such as this!!
    5.With a baby, the multiple should strap/back strap options are ideal! I have never seen one like it:)!
    4.The colors are perfect for every season!! And not to mention any outfit:)
    3.Umm…your a friend of Danielle’s and shes like the best, so I totally trust her purse opinions.
    2.My jewelry is eco-friendly too…so we are also apart of the eco-friendly club:)
    1.I LOVE it!

    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  57. Super cute bag! I’m here because Danielle said so! :D

  58. Katie Roche says:

    Yo Laura. I want this bag! The style is modern yet ole world and it can be carried in multiple ways and holds a whole lotta stuff. Also Siobhan picked up the sample and after taking a look at that, I gots to have it.

  59. Erin Giles says:

    ooh, i meant to say shoulder… not should:(

  60. chloejo says:

    Congrats to Andy!

    She has been chosen as Laura’s winner of this contest.

    Creative and hilarious entry’s ladies! Laura had a VERY hard time choosing!

    Please pay it forward by spreading the love about and Pansy Maiden.

    Thanks to Pansy Maiden and Laura for hosting the contest with us, and let’s all look forward to another Pansy Maiden giveaway in the near future! :)

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