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Monogrammed Vegan Kipling Bags

Monogrammed Vegan Kipling Bags

I used to have a Kipling bag, with the cute little monkey charm dangling off the side. The brand used to be synonymous with 80’s tubular style, now it’s gone grown up and glam.. oh and vegan. Even with a collection by supermodel Helena Christensen. That’s right – nearly every bag (with the exception of their leather collection) is cruelty-free! And they still come with the monkeys, though we personally pop ’em off and give them to our kiddies to put on their knapsacks and keep these durable and great looking bags all to ourselves.

Founded in 1987 with its name inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of “The Jungle Book”, Kipling has evolved beyond its original roots of providing high quality backpacks suited for the adventures of everyday life into a distinctive, worldwide brand offering a range of carryalls for a variety of lifestyles.

23 Kipling bags are sold every minute, somewhere in the world. More than 35 million people in the world now own at least one Kipling bag.

There are more Kipling bags than there are people in Belgium.
So.. yea.. this company is hot hot hot.

AND there is a Kipling event in NYC next week for our big apple readers!

With serious incentive to attend!

Kipling is taking the pop-up to the next level and launching the future of retail with a non-traditional and immersive approach to the ‘pop-up’. The experiential activation is product driven, creatively showing consumers how the bags fit into their everyday lives. The activation is full of surprise integration points, as well as performances and an upbeat vibe. A discreet POS opportunity is available once consumers have immersed within the experience and the products.

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Monogrammed Vegan Kipling Bags

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