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Socialite Cornelia Guest Launches Vegan Handbag Line

Socialite Cornelia Guest Launches Vegan Handbag Line

New York socialite Cornelia Guest has launched an entirely cruelty-free line of uber chic accessories – proving the Hamptons set does have heart.  Daughter of American fashion icon CZ Guest and polo champion Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, Cornelia has been able to use her media attention and professional contacts to support animal issues.

She says;

“I decided to do my own animal-free accessories collection so that I could design and wear things that I love, and so could my friends. We developed a beautiful soft faux leather and designed a collection of accessories that ensure you are covered for any occasion, from walking the dog or going to work, to an array of evening events, however casual or elegant. And they all fit together– a great woven day bag with a clutch inside makes it easy to go from desk to dinner, or travel confidently with a simple and chic wallet, pouch, handbag and tote.”

Her handbags are currently available at Bloomingdales (view the entire collection here) and are priced between $145-280.   The blue bloods now have a kind alternative to the $20,000 Birkin.

What’s extra exciting? On Bloomingdale’s website they have descriptions like “Cornelia Guest’s woven satchel is an understated design with a humane secret. Made from a unique faux leather, it’s a luxurious day-to-day option for the woman craving an animal-friendly alternative.”   Bloomies is not usually on the forefront of eco-fashion or compassionista couture (they still have a fur salon!) so it’s nice to see them admit (well, at least to sell some bags) that leather isn’t animal-friendly!

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UPDATE: No longer at Bloomies, but available on her website!

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