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In Which Cannabis + Self-Care Combine for a Very Happy Mind, Body & Soul

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Brooklyn’s Sophie Saint Thomas new book, Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care features more than 100 activities that show readers how to incorporate the calming effects of cannabis into their self-care routines and infuse their day with the healing and soothing power of marijuana. Whether using cannabis to unwind as a healthy alternative to a glass of wine or adding it into a meditation practice, yoga session, or bathing ritual, these activities are geared toward maximizing quiet moments, slowing down, and taking better care of our minds, bodies, and souls by adding a little THC (or CBD) to our TLC.

Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care

Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care

A few of the activities include:

—Practice the Four-Flower Power Breath
—Give Yourself a Massage with Cannabis Oil
—Enjoy a Flower-Fueled Face Mask
—Try a Medicated Meditation After a Really Rough Day

But first, let’s make ourselves an “Unknown Pleasures” list, via the book and Sophie’s instruction, shall we?

Make an Unknown Pleasures List (15 minutes)

Benefits: An unknown pleasures list enumerates goals that would be expansive to you personally. It’s a bucket list for the soul. Creating one inspires you to take action to make the listed experiences happen, and reminds you of all you can look forward to in the future. It also emphasizes the importance of fun.

How does cannabis help? Research shows that cannabis increases hyper-priming, the brain’s ability to form connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. Such thinking encourages expansive creativity. For instance, writing the name of a country you want to visit can rapidly trigger three other goals that might at first seem unrelated but that are in fact actions that advance you further toward your ultimate goal.


  1. Sit somewhere comfortable with your cannabis and a pen and paper. At the top of your page of paper write “Unknown Pleasures.”
  2. Take a few minutes to indulge in cannabis, using your delivery method of choice. Move slowly. Feel the cannabis expand your mind and open it into a state of creative relaxation.
  3. Let the brainstorming and soul searching begin. What adventures do you want to go on in this lifetime? What experiences will be expansive to you personally? What do you want to see? What do you want to achieve? What is the most fun you can imagine having? Start writing things down. List things that give you joy simply by thinking about them. You can put career goals that will bring you great satisfaction but try to think outside of intents that are part of your regular schedule. This can include countries you want to visit, animals you want to see in the wild, skill sets you wish to learn, and whatever your heart desires.
  4. When you run out of ideas, remind yourself that you can always add to this list. It is ever evolving, as are you.
  5. Notice how you feel. Listing goals gives you motivation to manifest them. Writing down a martial art you yearn to master or a country you long to visit is the first step to making that dream come true.
  6. Hang up your unknown pleasures list somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis, such as on a bulletin board in your home office or on your fridge. This will keep your eyes on the prize.
  7. When you complete an unknown pleasure, check it off the list. Afterward, take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude for your ability to manifest dreams into reality.

(the foiiiine author herself:)


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Sophie Saint Thomas is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands. High Times named her one of their 2018 “100 Women in High Places” for her writing on cannabis. She currently lives with her two marmalade tabby cats, Mama Cat and Major Tom Cat. She has more than one David Bowie Tattoo.

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