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What Moon Circles Have To Do With Fitness

What Moon Circles Have To Do With Fitness

As the moon offers unique connections to the mind, body, and soul, its phases can also be  used to align your body with your spirit. By utilizing the emotional aspect of the moon, you are  not necessarily working out, but rather working in- encouraging you to go deep into your  subconscious and call forth your desires and let go of what is no longer serving you. Moon circles are a way to share communally in a sacred space, interacting with individuals who share  the same values, while feeling a sense of belonging and being able to hold each other’s space in a  respectful way. They are a place to give and receive support, and to provide self-care to the  tender parts of us that want to be seen and heard as we heal together. 

I’m Janae Bell, Atlanta moon circle, yoga, meditation teacher and the founder of  Goddess and the Moon.


Whenever we gather in my moon circles, we always focus on four things: Movement, meditation, journaling, and ritual-work. 

We connect and ground ourselves in our bodies, which prepares us to move into our minds. The  moon’s energy is so feminine, and it waxes and wanes throughout the month, so movement is the  most important part. As long as we live in tune with the phases of the moon, we can use that  energy to guide our flow. This will ensure that we are always motivated to take care of our  bodies.  

On new moons or full moons, we move our bodies according to the energy of the moon. We  incorporate a quick yoga flow into our movement portion of the moon circle, which is intended  to ground you and to demonstrate how you can do the same in your own moon ritual at home. 

There are eight phases of the moon, each of which holds a different energy:  

The new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last  quarter, and waning crescent.  

Stay connected between moon phases by using these movements at home: New Moon  

The New Moon is the ideal time for dreaming, setting intentions, calling in your deepest desires,  and sending out wishes to the Universe. The moon is about to wax, so allow yourself a chance to  rest in order to build momentum. During this phase, welcome new things into your life. How  would you like this phase to play out for you? What energies should you be calling upon yourself 

in order to live a more positive and uplifting life? As the lunar cycle begins, plant some seeds  and cultivate the energy you wish to create. 

Staying fit during the New Moon: 

There are plenty of restorative and yin yoga postures that you can practice during the New  Moon. If you practice yoga regularly, try a few poses such as child’s pose, supported fish pose, or  butterfly pose. If you don’t practice yoga, try doing some gentle stretches before you  meditate. The new moon is a time to rest. So don’t overextend yourself, there will be plenty of  time to get the work in during the waxing phase! 

Waxing phase  

As the waxing moon approaches fullness, the moonlight gradually begins to expand and grow in  intensity; symbolizing as fuel to push through and to keep moving forward. The intentions you  named during the New Moon will begin to bloom when you clarify and nurture them. It’s a good  time to get motivated, commit to what you’re building, and start working towards what you want.  Think about how many realistic steps you can take each day to accomplish your goals as the  moon moves towards fullness. It’s time to transform, to build energy, to nurture dreams, to  overcome obstacles, and to break through your endless potential. 

The waxing phase lasts for about 2 weeks. It is the time when the moon is moving out of  darkness and getting brighter and more full as we inch towards the powerful full moon phase. A  crescent moon is formed after the new moon, bringing a sliver of hope and light into the world.  Then, in the first quarter of the moon, also referred to as the half moon, it begins to appear  brighter and brighter until it reaches the waxing gibbous, where it becomes more illuminated and  full. 

Staying fit during the waxing phase: 

As a reminder to keep your inner strength going and to work hard towards your visions and  goals, you can use the waxing phase to build heat in your body. Perhaps you should incorporate  more vinyasa style yoga flows or cardio into your everyday fitness routine.  

You could even try a group fitness class to feel motivated and inspired by others. Full moon 

A Full Moon occurs in the middle of a lunar cycle, and is when you will see your goals and  dreams start to manifest as we release all of the intentions we set during the New Moon. The  moon represents both the physical and the emotional body. It is a time when your emotions and  physical body are open to the light and the awareness of spirit. The Full Moon is when the  shadows disappear and the moon shines its luminosity, inviting us to become aware of the world  and who we want to become. We are at a time when we should express gratitude and celebrate  everything we’ve manifested thus far, and let go of anything that no longer serves us. 

Staying fit during the Full Moon: 

If you are practicing yoga for a full moon, try yin or restorative yoga. These styles allow you to  meditate and reflect on what you need to release as you hold the poses. 

If you are looking for strength and cardio, try lifting weights or participating in a boxing class. 

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While your energy is high during a full moon, it is important to take the time to slow down and  focus on meditation and manifestation. Make an effort to find some awareness in order to shed,  release, and let go during this time.  

Waning phase  

During the waning phase, the moon’s light diminishes, inviting us to surrender. This is a time of  rest, withdrawal, and renewal. As the full moon brightens, the waning moon darkens, inviting  you to release and let go. It begins with the waning gibbous, still bright and full but as the days  progress, it is getting darker. Eventually, it turns into a half-moon known as the last quarter,  followed by a crescent shape as it starts to get dark and disappears into the sky. As the moon  approaches the new moon, it is a good time to reflect on what is coming to an end so that you can  prepare to plant new seeds or tend to the ones in need. This phase is also known as the balsamic  moon phase. 

In the waning moon phase, rest and renewal are essential. It is time to take a break, to slow down  the world around you, and to focus on self-care. During the waning moon, you may wish to go  on vacation, or even begin a new book, or pick up where you left off. During this time, you are  encouraged to take lots of baths and binge-watch your favorite shows. Energetically, the universe  is urging you to remain human for some time.  

Give yourself plenty of grace and rest, because once the new moon arrives, you will be ready for  a cosmic reset and a jump start back towards your goals and dreams. 

Staying fit during the waning phase: 

It may be best for you to take a break from working out during this period. If you enjoy yoga,  slow your practice down with a low energy flow such as restorative yoga. Using props will allow 

you to release any tension in your muscles and cells without putting too much pressure on  yourself. 

Maybe you would like to try a gentle cycle class or regenerative rolling instead of yoga. Even  venturing out for a jog in nature will help your body and your mind feel at ease. 

Each full and new moon, we hold moon circle ceremonies to celebrate the lunar cycle’s powerful  energy. Through it, we learn how to align and manifest our dreams. Moon circles are an  opportunity to set intentions, clear energy, gain clarity, work through fears, and connect with  ourselves through communal energy, ritual, and personal reflection. 

Goddess And The Moon will be hosting many virtual and IRL moon circles upcoming! The links for in person circles will be announced on my website and Instagram – follow, register, and find out dates there!

Janae Bell of Goddess and the Moon

Janae Bell is a 29 year old Cancer sun, Scorpio Moon, and Capricorn rising, passionate about mastering her soul.  As a 200 hour yoga teacher and meditation graduate of My Vinyasa Practice, she uses the moon as a tool to  align with her highest self and manifest her dreams and goals. Through this,  Janae created Goddess and the Moon, a moon circle project where she gathers with others in circle to open their hearts to one another, share, explore, and heal through lunar rituals.  Follow her on her website and Instagram,