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The Best (And Safest) Eco Mattress In The World

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You should know by now that your mattress can snowball into everything in your life: bad sleep = shitty life. If you sleep well – you feel like a different person every morning.  But what about what you don’t realize is happening while you sleep — like off-gassing and chemicals seeping into your system disrupting your endocrine system, slowly but surely. Getting a great mattress literally changed my life. I’d been sleeping on the usual beautyrest type mattresses for decades til I decided to up the eco-ante on my mattress. The result has been exceptional support and an ease of movement to optimize my REM. In layman’s terms: my sleep is off-the-chain-good (in between nursing and shuffling boys to-and-from bathrooms.)

Essentia mattresses were such a game-changer for my family – so much so that we ALL have Essentia mattresses in my home.

The Best (And Safest) Eco Mattress In The World

The Best (And Safest) Eco Mattress In The World

There are the toxins in everyday items like couches, paint and even traditional mattresses. The owner of Essentia had been in the latex foam business for years and supplied most major brands. He studied the industry and realized that mattresses were manufactured with poor quality components, filled with chemically derived foams treated with harsh chemicals and layered together with glue. In looking for alternatives – he realized there weren’t any and decided to research and developed something different, memory foam made from natural ingredients like hevea milk.  He tried offering this foam to major mattress brands but most weren’t interested because of the high cost, and those who did buy it only integrated an insignificant amount in order to promote the foam’s natural qualities. As he evaluated brand after brand I realized the industry wasn’t overly concerned about consumer health or product quality, just catch phrases and profit margins. That’s when he founded Essentia, more than a brand; a commitment to comfort and quality, without compromise. Everything gets tested, from worker safety to the final product. No gloves or other forms of protective equipment are needed for their team in the factory given the nature of the natural products. VOC testing has been performed on both work environment in their factory and the final product. Essentia’s factory is both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified.

The Best And Safest Eco Mattress In The World

s 1 of only 2 latex foaming companies in North America we not only have complete control over every ingredient and component used to make the healthiest mattress possible, the environmental benefits of foaming are significant. Instead of importing latex foam components from Europe or Asia, Essentia simply import the rubber tree sap to make their own natural memory foam. This takes close to 80% less space than importing finished latex foam. It also significantly cuts down on fuel consumption in transportation, which allows for better prices and supports the North American economy. Manufacturing and distributing Essentia products from a single common location, our team works together to make it all come alive. Made in Canada, all their products are manufactured by the Essentia team, just outside Montreal, Quebec.

I personally sleep on the Dormeuse Fior King mattress which is like sleeping on 100 clouds made by unicorns. There was some holes on the bottom layer after a year, and the customer service is so fantastic, they issued out a replacement promptly. This is an investment worth making, if/ when possible. I recently needed an extra mattress for my kids trundle bunk bed, and I nearly cried when an Essentia didn’t fit in the budget (they aren’t cheap) this time around – that’s how committed I am to the brand! They also make pillows and dog beds, both of which are on my Mother’s Day list!

Don’t believe us? Go lay on one yourself.

SHOP THEM HERE. or on Amazon.

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