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11 Perfect Objects – From DIY Mushrooms to Sunglasses – Rocking Our 2021 Summer

11 Perfect Objects – From DIY Mushrooms to Sunglasses – Rocking Our 2021 Summer

11 Perfect Objects - From DIY Mushrooms to Sunglasses - Rocking Our 2021 Summer

The delta variant is spreading, people are tossing their masks off like freedom has arrived, and winter could be precarious. What to do when teetering on the brink of extinction? Choose to enjoy this summer like it’s the last fun you’ll have for another year. And don’t be a fool – keep your mask on when heading indoors, vaccinated or not! What have we been up to at GGA HQ? Enjoying pool time, long walks, smoking some legalized ganja, reading, gardening, working, and spending outdoor time with equally safe, vaccinated friends.

Here are the top 10 items rocking our summer:

70’s style geometrical sunglasses are all the rage this season, but we’ve found none as flattering and as comfy as the Tom Ford Butterfly Gia! Available in numerous colors (although we are partial to the beige with the gradient semi-mirrored lenses), these classic chic stunners are our go-to, and can be worn comfortably inside or outside without being too dark.  They’re nearly $500 at Bloomies, but we found them for half the price on amazon. Linked below. SCORE!

Tom Ford FT0766 Shiny Beige 57G FT0766 Butterfly Sunglasses, $247

Combining elements from homeopathy and her Greek heritage, Debbie Matenopolous (yes, formerly of “The View”) created her first skincare line called Ikaria Beauty, and the products are really, really good. With clean formulas that really give you results, we are partial to the Ageless Beauty Balm – a mega thick night crème reminiscent of La Mer, and the Renew Daytime Retinol Serum which provides the benefits of retinol with no harsh irritants. The packaging is lovely, and the product is fantastic. We are fans.

AGELESS Beauty Balm, $89
RENEW Daytime Fytó Retinol Serum, $96

Acne prone folk are not enjoying the up and down weather’s havoc on their skin. For the occasional acne break out – body or face – we’ve all become huge fans of Neutralyze Anti Acne Solution.  This ain’t yo Mamas proactive, this is a new solution that is also anti-aging, and much cheaper than other programs. We love the exfoliating pads for bumpy arms or summer butne.

Neutralyze Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit, $39 (20% off on amazon now!)
Neutralyze Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit, $39 (20% off on amazon now!)

We all know glowing skin comes from more than retinol or botox – it comes from eating clean! We’ve been starting our mornings with NewTree Ranch’s Energetic Sprouted Buckwheat Granola.  The nutrient-dense granola is organic, vegan, raw, and gluten-free, and delicious. It gives us a solid boost to get us through til lunch without any mid morning slump.  Available for purchase through NewTree Ranch’s website and the Oakland-based grocery delivery service, Good Eggs, the Energetic Sprouted Buckwheat Granola provides foodies with a nourishing start to their day, while honoring the environment and its natural bounty.

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola, $8.99

Although vaping is better on the lungs, there’s nothing like an old school, happy joint at a pool party. But do us a favor – skip the joint passing (delta delta delta!!) and give out what’s now known at dispensaries as “shorties” or “babies” so everyone can have their own little tokable. Not only is it 70’s luxe to have a handful of joints in a Missoni bowl on your deck, it’s just plain good hostessing. If weed isn’t legal near you, get involved in legislation to change that and/ or get your weed card for a number of medical conditions. Ask for pre-roll shorties or babies at your local spot if you’re not near our favorite place, Bluepoint Wellness in CT.

Durbanex Shorties Pre-Roll Sativa, $24

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea – a hard tea seltzer – has everyone who enters our summer hangs saying “These are so good!” Not only do they taste light and refreshing, they are made by a woman-owned company!  Founded by tea experts, Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, two “Tea Drinking Boozers” who insist on making beverages the right way (or some might say the old-fashioned way), with real ingredients and slow processes.  They fresh-brew using 100% real organic tea and botanicals, steep in large kettles (think your morning cuppa tea x 100) and finish them off with real fruit juice and a splash of real cane sugar. They are simply summer personified. Plus the cans are chic and skinny enough to fit into our beloved Funboy floats! Find them on their website or in a store near you. Our local Trader Joe’s carries them!

Owls Brew Boozy Tea, $18+

There is no more fun we’ve had so far this summer than growing the mushroom kids we got from North Spore. Watching these babies sprout up, and slicing them up and sautéing them with olive oil and garlic has been the most exciting science experiment of the year. Not only did our kiddos love the viewing process, we got so excited by the process – and every varietal was a party in our mouths! Morning after morning watching them burst forth from the container teaches us how easy it really is to grow our own food. You can use these anywhere – apartments or the country – and there is no better gift to bring when visiting a friend. Since growing these, we’ve already sent them to at least 3 friends – they are that special!

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Edible mushroom grow kits. $28 or

Killer fabric construction (as only the UK does!) that holds you in and looks so elegant, Boden’s design team have been making the most darling swimsuits this season. We are fans of their floral prints, subtle cups, and stellar mesh linings. Even if you’re on the Jersey shore, you’ll look like you’re frolicking in Positano in these chic prints. Plus – the prices! These suits look like the type sold in specialty boutiques for upwards of $400, and they are all in the $100 realm – less if you use our discount code!

Positano Swimsuit, $120 (20% off with this link)

Lively Root has been rocking our patio reno situation without constant trips to Home Depot! We love this wonderfully designed, and easily navigable website for all things home delivery plants. The prices are great, packaging amazing, and service a hallelujah for plant lovers who prefer not to shlep.

Aralia Ming Stump, $48
Aralia Ming Stump, $48 (*$15 off if you use our link above!)

You know that day you’re officially done enough with your period that you don’t have to put anything on, but still think there may be a spot or two of blood? Meet these Modibodi full-coverage bikini briefs, made from an innovative recycled fabric which is chlorine-resistant and UV50+ rated. Featuring a high-rise waist, thick supportive waistband and fast-drying absorbent lining, it’s the perfect leak-proof pair to make a splash in and out of the water. Flattering and functional? Yes please.    

Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Brief, $37 ($10 off with this link!)

Luxurious smelling hand soap, sustainable and kindly made, and the price is right! We have become big fans of Baylis & Harding products for our guest bathrooms this summer.  They’re easily available everywhere, and they are reliably delish.

Baylis & Harding hand soaps, $27 for 3

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Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash