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20 Things From Amazon Your Summer Will Thank You For

20 Things From Amazon Your Summer Will Thank You For

You may still not be going to every store for all the little items your summer needs just yet, even if vaccinated, and we don’t blame you! Here are the summer finds we scored on amazon and are loving!

Make all the cocktails this summer. You deserve them. This kit comes in under $30, and makes the process much easier.

Funboy makes the best floats! Well-made, huge hits at parties, and so comfy to lay on!

So Dolce & Gabbana and flattering and feminine on the bod that nobody will ever know it’s a $30 amazon score!

Cor Surf kid/adult beach towel is your changing robe and towel all rolled into one. It’s one of the most versatile essentials when you head for the beach, pool and even camping. Don’t worry about your towel flying away while you are changing in the parking lot. Change discretely in public!

These outdoor incense sticks are made with steam-distilled, cold-pressed pure essential oils, dried herbs and oranges blended carefully to produce wonderful fragrances that repel bugs! Score! These are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly and do not contain any artificial scents, harmful chemicals, or dyes.

Keep your face protected while you feed your head! Weed bucket hat? Hard yes.

Find yourself a cozy spot to read, and settle in on this heavenly chair for your own personal heaven.

Attract glorious tiny hummingbirds with these stunning feeders.

Amazingly designed with a hidden tool tray, this wooden board includes four carving knives for easy cutting and food safe soapstone chalk to write directly on the board to identify cheeses. It also features a recessed moat along the edge to catch cookies or nuts.

This hammock chair invokes Janis and Stevie swinging and shooting the shit. Get yourself one.

PETA star Dan Matthew’s second book is nothing short of extraordinary. Perfect for lounging in the sun with your jaw dropped open.

This agave-based marg mixer makes the drink making process simple if you’re not a talented mixologist.

Protect your skin! Save money by using the good stuff on your face, and generic on the bod. (Left, face – right, body!)

Vegan birkenstocks, perfect for pool life.

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It’s not summer without a kaftan. Eat as much guac as you want!

If you want a hat with panache, this Eugenia Kim with acrylic chain is a dream!

Adorable and cheap, these frames can be your car extras or the pair you toss off in a fit of passion.

If you’re all about that full protection or modest-life, this suit will keep you super covered and comfortable.

Drop your glasses with wet hands at the beach? Pack these unbreakable gold tumblers which look so chic, but are the most practical!

Your pups deserve shaded outdoor comfort too. Hook them up with this chic covered dog bed that won’t stand out next to your deck furniture.

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Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash