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Our Favorite New Eco-Friendly Bubbly

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When it comes to go-to sparkling wine, everyone knows the ubiquitous “yellow label” Champagne and mass market “blue label” Prosecco, but “green label” Faire La Fête Brut— is an authentic French sparkling whose bold green label goes beyond its aesthetic appeal.

faire la fête means to live it up and to celebrate in French, and who doesn’t currently miss those days?! If we can’t party, we can at the very least share a delicious bottle of bubbles with our nearest and dearest.

Faire La Fête’s growers in Limoux, France are part of a special consortium known as the Vignerons en Development Durable (VDD), or Growers in Sustainable Development. Started in 2007, this consortium is the first of its kind, and is dedicated to 37 specific guidelines that holistically apply to sustainable farming, ecology, social responsibility and fair trade. The VDD is the only sustainable farming organization comprised entirely of vineyard owners and focused specifically on the wine business.

Faire La Fête’s green label serves to remind consumers that ethical wines are also the best-tasting, and for under $20, this stands up with the best of your average Champagne—often outperforming its $50+ peers (few of which are hand-harvested by law). It’s absolutely delicious, and feels elegant to drink and pour. 

With 1/3 the sugar of “blue label” prosecco at 1/3 the price of “yellow label” Champagne, Faire La Fête’s “green label” represents an elegant flavor profile that’s light and crisp, with hints of lemon curd, green apple, and quince, and comes directly from the healthy, sustainable Limoux soils that grew it. Though it’s not just about sustainable soil, but a sustainable ecosystem to create generations of healthy grape-growing on land that has been farmed since the middle ages.

This is our go-to hostess gift from here til Christmas (and beyond!) – try it here.

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Our Favorite New Eco-Friendly Bubbly

Our Favorite New Eco-Friendly Bubbly

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