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The Idea Of Balance Is Bullshit

The Idea Of Balance Is Bullshit

I think the idea of balance is bullshit.
Women are expected to “have it all.”

?Be a rock star in the workplace

?Be superwoman at home

?Be a great and present mom

?Take good care of ourselves

…and at some point, we have to sleep!

I mean seriously…there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I had a therapist who used to say to me, “You CAN have it all – just not at the same time.”


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And the messaging that we should have it all at the same time? Outdated garbage that leaves women constantly feeling inadequate.

Now – the idea of designing a life you want? I absolutely believe that’s possible. But it takes intention, work and a village. It takes owning that you can’t do it alone. When people ask me why I have a coach, I always laugh because first I say, “Which one?!?” I have a variety of coaches that help me in different areas of my life. Each one has been invaluable and I’m so grateful for them.

Who’s supporting you in creating a life you love?

Leadership coach Michelle Pollack has made it her mission to develop leadership in innovative movers and shakers.  Michelle works with her clients to lead with confidence, integrity and purpose. She believes leaders are made, not born, and that stellar leadership is a necessity – not only in a thriving, successful work culture – but in our world. 

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