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Why You Should Be Putting Mushrooms On Your Skin

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Stuffed, sprinkled over pizza, or tossed in spaghetti sauce, mushrooms sure are versatile in our diets and extremely healthy for us. But did you know they’re just as good kept in your pantry as they are in your medicine cabinet?

We’ve newly discovered organic beauty brand Groh®  who has “harnessed the power behind this superfood” to create its brand new line of products designed to better hair, skin and nails. Renowned immunologist Dr. Marvin Hausman, unexpectedly discovered the secret behind the fungi favorite while researching treatment for people with autoimmune diseases. He and his company Entia Biosciences unlocked a new way to use the antioxidant Ergothioneine with Vitamin D for luxury skincare.

“Ergothioneine could be one of the most important protectors of cells in the world. Mushrooms boast this powerful antioxidant, and they’re the only ones in the world that can produce it to any sizable degree,” says Dr. Hausman.

The Ergo Boost product line delivers a dose of nutrients to super-charge, strengthen and repair cells, boost healthy skin, scalp, hair and lashes. It includes four products – a hair and scalp conditioning treatment ($59), skin repair treatment ($42), daily replenishing supplement ($39), and skin recharging bar (2 for $22). Their preventative effects work internally to treat the nutritional deficiencies that diet alone cannot provide. Combining the best of science and nature, Groh represents a natural, signature approach to anti-aging in the prestigious beauty industry. Our hair has never looked better since using this conditioner, and the rest of the products are on our shelf in daily rotation, easily becoming some of the favorites in our cabinet. The line works beautifully, smells woodsy, and has lovely packaging.

Why You Should Be Putting Mushrooms On Your Skin

Why You Should Be Putting Mushrooms On Your Skin

Purchase Groh online at or in national high-end salons such as Red Door and Mario Tricocci or on Amazon.

Have your mushrooms, and eat them too!

All of the products are vegan. All of the products are organic.

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  1. brook says:

    these sound incredible! thank you, cj!

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