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What Coconut Oil Can Really Do For Your Hair

What Coconut Oil Can Really Do For Your Hair


You’ve long heard coconut oil is good for absolutely everything, but have you actually put it to the test yet? Here’s what it’s good for, and how to integrate coconut oil into your daily hair routine;


How to use coconut oil to achieve beautiful hair

Many of us know the benefits of using coconut oil in the kitchen. It’s a tasty fat that can bring texture and flavor to both meals and bakes. What many people don’t know however is that coconut oil should also have a place in your bathroom cabinet. Beyond its culinary uses coconut oil has some excellent benefits for your hair. As a natural moisturizer it’s great for anyone who suffers from dryness such as those with “4a hair” or other curly hair types; it’s also good for detangling and even dandruff. Here’s our handy guide to the many things coconut oil can do for your locks.

Coconut oil as the ultimate moisturizer

If you know anything about coconut oil for hair, you will probably think of it as nature’s own conditioner and you would be right. The primary use for coconut oil in haircare is to condition from root to tip. It’s best used on dry hair types such as 4a hair or those with dry roots. Apply a small amount to start with to check whether it suits your hair type and gradually increase the amount you use depending on the result.

Use coconut oil to defrizz your hair

Coconut oil is also a great natural defrizzer. If you suffer from stray hairs coming out of your ponytail or away from your beautiful curls, coconut oil could be a great natural product to use. Rub a little between your finger tips and apply to your locks. As above, start with a small amount as you often don’t need much for it to have a good effect.

Detangling – coconut oil can help

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Coconut oil is a wonder substance when it comes to detangling. Better used on darker hues and thick styles if you are struggling with knots after a wash, try using some of this useful stuff to help. Coconut oil’s natural viscosity and slippery texture when applied to strands makes it easier for them to move seamlessly and so get out of any nasty tangles.

Coconut oil can help with dandruff

One of the least well known uses of coconut oil for hair is fighting dandruff. If you suffer from the flaky stuff, try using a small amount of oil on your scalp. The best way to apply is to warm the oil up slightly and spread it across your scalp after washing. Wrap your head in a towel turban and after an hour, shampoo out the oil. It clings to the flaky skin on your scalp removing it all in one go.

Those are the top uses of coconut oil to achieve beautiful hair. This versatile substance has a lot of different properties that can really make your locks lush. Try using it today and see what effect it’ll have!

Buying coconut oil in bulk is wise when you use it for everything!
Buying coconut oil in bulk is wise when you use it for everything!

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