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The One Ingredient Gluten Free High Protein Pasta That Changed Our Life

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With three little boys and an Italian-food loving husband – there are few nights I don’t hear a chorus of “I want PASTA!!” for dinner. But heavy, processed carbs with empty white calories aren’t the move for my health-conscious and ethical vegan family of five. Enter quinoa pastas (mushy) and corn pastas (gmo’s) and rice pastas (more mushy white carbs) – I knew better pasta was being developed, I just didn’t know HOW genius it would be.

Til Tolerant Foods released their line of pastas made from ONE INGREDIENT — BEANS!! Yep – you heard me right. Made from exclusively black beans or red or green lentils, available in different shapes. So when my kids eat their 4th bowl of a pasta in a week I feel zero guilt – everything they are eating is pure, clean organic, gmo-free protein. In fact, it has up to 400% more protein per serving than any other competing product and is sure to satisfy all people looking to live a healthier life – or those suffering from celiac, diabetes, and the top 8 food allergens. This pastas has turned any Mommy guilt I ever had about them only eating pasta and cucumber for dinner, and ignoring my kale on occasion – to glee when they finish their bowls of rotini! Plus – what a genius thing to make pasta salad for packed lunches with!

But this brand didn’t pop out of an idea-brainstorming session at a big fortune 500 company. This product came from a gent with heart. Here’s his story;

​Hello my name is Tom Friedmann, as a foodie, my wife Ellie and I have always been on the lookout for healthy, new innovative ways to eat. Since my retirement, I’ve been looking for something in the food business to occupy my time, as well help mankind survive old age by eating healthy and disease free. Hence the journey​ began…, in 2005 I spent three weeks at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florid where I learnt how to become green, raw, and nutritarian. It was through this journey that my wife and I discovered that meat was not necessary for great health and that it could be replaced by Legumes, which are Lentils, Beans, Garbanzos and Peas. So evolved the search and process for such a product, eight years later, we’re proud to introduce to the world “TOLERANT”, a single ingredient product line composed of legumes cut into popular pasta shapes, certified ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, and NON-GMO. We really wanted to create a food that had only one ingredient and at the same time was wholesome, nutritious, and great for the body.”​

You’ve got to try it!

The One-Ingredient Gluten-Free High-Protein Pasta That Changed Our Life   tolerant-gluten-free-black-bean-pasta

You can buy it on Amazon (with bulk options) or at your local health food store.

The negative – it’s not cheap like a $2 box at your big box store, but what you’ll save on not buying other protein sources, it’s more than a money saving product in the long run!

Also -we suspect as it gets more popular we will see the price coming down. We’ve seen it cost anywhere from $7 a box (on sale) to $10 a box, or less when bought in bulk online. It’s even Dr. Fuhrman approved!

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