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Eco-Friendly Sun Protection That Works

Eco-Friendly Sun Protection That Works

It may feel a bit dreary outside to think about sunscreen right now, but a few short weeks from now the sun will be pounding down on our noggins so why not be prepared? Skincare and make up specialist Kaylin Johnson shares the best of all natural sun protection products that will keep us bronzed (or pale, whatever your pleasure) rather than red and sore. Since many of these products aren’t readily available at the drugstore (though you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them at your local Whole Foods or health food store,) you are better off ordering them online now or buying them sooner than later so you are all prepped for mid May’s rays;

Best eco-friendly and vegan sun care products

When I smell sunscreen, it immediately brings back memories of barbeques and sweltering hikes. After a few bad sunburns, I reluctantly accepted that wearing sunscreen was the best way to avoid turning red as a strawberry. With all the fantastic eco-friendly and vegan sun care options on the market, it’s much more fun to ward off those harsh rays. You can even stay protected while avoiding that “sunscreen smell” altogether. Read on for my top picks.

Everyday facial sunscreen:

Most of us can remember the thick, greasy lotions of old. I wouldn’t dare put anything greasy on my face today now that there are better alternatives. Products such as MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28 ($19) double as a sunscreen and a moisturizer for the face. Wear this type of product daily under makeup or alone; it will provide weightless protection without an oily residue.

Everyday body sunscreen:

While I’d love to slather facial sunscreens on my arms and neck, I tend to use more affordable products for larger areas. Earth Science Daily Sun Defense ($17) is an affordable moisturizer that provides SPF 15 with only a hint of smell. Or try a powdered sunscreen such as Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen ($46) for colorless, odorless sun protection.

Waterproof Sunscreen:

If you’re looking for a waterproof sunscreen, one of the safest is All Terrain Terra Sport SPF 30 ($12). Strong enough to withstand sweat and water, this is a great choice for those who love outdoor sports or athletics. As with many other waterproof sunscreens, be sure to reapply after extended sun and water exposure (about 90 minutes).

High-SPF sunscreen:

For those times when SPF 30 isn’t enough, consider a natural sunscreen with more traditional active ingredients such as Nature’s Gate Sport Block SPF 50 Dry Finish ($9). Waterproof and fragrance-free, this sunscreen avoids many of the harsh chemicals found in its conventional competitors. There is also a kids’ version as well for the little ones.

After-sun care:

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If you’ve spent a little too long in the sun and need a little TLC, try Eco Logical Daily Skin Repair ($25). A cooling spray with a fresh pine fragrance, it will leave you feeling refreshed. For those unfortunate times when you do get sunburned, aloe vera is a tried and true remedy. Look for gels with high percentages of aloe (95% or higher). Apply liberally and you’ll be better in no time.


Tanned skin has long been favored in the fitness industry, as it tends to slim and smooth out any uneven tones. Tanning beds can be dangerous, so get a great fake tan and no one will know the difference. For fast tan, try Pristine Beauty’s Sunless Strip ($26). With a delicious scent and great vegan ingredients, it’s a great way to fake a tan. For a more gradual change, try Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion ($13). With regular use, this foolproof lotion can give you a light, natural hint of color.

Sunscreen should be worn everyday as the sun’s rays are a threat even on cloudy days. Just be sure to choose safe, eco-friendly products so your sunscreen won’t cause more trouble than those pesky UV rays. When purchasing, remember to check for broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays so you know your sunscreen has you covered.

Guest post by Kaylin Johnson, eco-friendly makeup artist and author of blog Kaylin’s Kit.