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Vegan Kid Haters Get A Ruby Roth Style Smackdown

Published on May 2, 2012 by   ·   65 Comments Pin It

Ruby Roth speaks in impeccable, irrefutable soundbites.  So when she went on CNN last weekend to go to bat for all of us grown vegans raising little vegans, we cheered from our bathrobes. Watch her beat down any stereotype and dispel any misgivings about raising vegan children (and promote her beautiful new children’s book Vegan Is Love: Having Heart And Taking Action)  in this fabulous two part interview;

Vegan Kid Haters Get A Ruby Roth Style Smackdown




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Readers Comments (65)

  1. Jamessina says:

    LOVE RUBY! Amazing interview with her, terrific quotes and messages. I am ordering this book right now. thanks for sharing!

  2. […] makes powerful statements inside the book and out. I grabbed these videos from Girlie Girl Army. Check out the fantastic responses Ruby Roth gives in an interview with […]

  3. Mike says:

    I work with a lady who shot down the idea of vegan children because of the lack of supposed necessary nutrients they will refrain from getting. She always cuts down veganism and the purity, humaneness and healthiness the lifestyle embodies. Just goes to show how uneducated and ignorant so many people are.

  4. MrVeggieman says:

    Love Ruby Roth! Always great to hear a strong vegan message in the public realm and not a watered down one. So many kids have weight problems these days, veganism is a great way to put them on the right path for their health as well as teach them to make kind choices that reflect the values and the compassion they naturally have for animals.

  5. VeganBossLady says:

    I love Ruby Roth! She is composed, smart women who knows how to deal with ignorant comments being hit at her. I REALLY want to get the book know!

  6. Tan T. says:

    Thanks for representing health and compassion Ruby.

  7. Ruby is so sharp and eloquent! I LOVE how concise and perfectly reasonable she makes everything! So so so good.

  8. Jesus says:

    This is the most inaccurate spewing of animal waste I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing. This is idiotic hate propagated by a self indulgent cunt.


    • KellsBells says:

      Of course you’re uneducated. That’s why you use words like bitch and cunt instead of actually articulating an actual argument.

      • logic says:

        Implying that without busting out every vocab word you know, you cant have an argument. You are just trying to sound smart, its obvious, so stop it.
        And he does have a point. People who don’t agree with you aren’t stupid, they just see the world differently. Looks like YOU are the one who needs a lesson in tolerance cuntface.

    • lizzie says:


    • Jesus – you got very lucky that others happened to see your post before I deleted your disgraceful ass. Go internet troll somewhere you are wanted… JESUS wouldn’t approve of one word out of your FILTHY, DESPICABLE MOUTH. Shoo fly. Any future posts from you will be deleted at ONCE. They are abusive, uneducated, and absurd. Get a clue.

      • logic says:

        You sound like you think you are the smartest person in the world. You’re not.
        Obviously. You feminazi’s are all the same, think you guys got it all figured out and you are superior to everyone else because you don’t eat certain foods. Go fuck yourself. This is the internet, if you don’t like people fucking with your little reality, then don’t have an open forum dumbshit.

    • Isla says:

      Jesus, I’ve never seen this side of you before.

  9. Kasia S. says:

    Kudos to her! I am a vegetarian and at some point in near future will try to go vegan. I love animals!

  10. Lisa S says:

    LOVE IT! Vegan Is Love! If you love animals, then prove it – don’t confine, abuse, kill, eat, experiment on, wear, or exploit them!

  11. judy says:

    I love her calm, but efficient manner of educating or rebutting, wish I could stay near as cool.

    One of the most poignant statements she made on morning TV when the book first came out,(and they were really digging at her, not like the CNN interviewer),that will stick with me forever was, “if it’s too scary to tell children where their food comes from, isn’t it even scarier for them to eat”? Word!

  12. penelope says:

    Wonderful interview. I’ll have to get this book for my 7 & 8 year old.

  13. love Ruby!!! So glad she is such a cool cucumber. thnx for sharing these videos Chloe!

    “we dont have to fear anything that we have the power to change.” -ruby

    ..that is just a stellar quote for life in general!!

  14. Julie says:

    This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Generally speaking how many kids in the world won’t eat something until their parents eat it?? And how many vegan parents actually buy and cook their kids meat?? They don’t have a choice, and this is simply a way of brain washing kids into thinking it’s ok.

    • judy says:

      Julie, you are exactly correct in the first part of your post, but then you completely fall off into that meat-eating justification bullshit. Answer me, what is the difference between a parent brainwashing their children to eat a vegan diet, or the ones who brainwash them to eat animals? You make zero sense.
      Most of us were socialized, or you call it brainwashing, into eating meat from the time we could chew. As we grew up and realized those burgers didnt magically come in that pkg at Vons all along, as we were duped into believing, but instead went through a long, torturous route to get to Vons, we not only felt deceived but disgusted.
      Raise your kid anyway you want, but dont call it brainwashing only when a parent feeds their child a cruelty free, HEALTHIER diet….oh and BTW, statistically and scientifically, a vegan diet is much more beneficial then the appropriately acronymed SAD diet. When your 15 y/o has diabetes, high cholesterol, severe acne, morbid obesity, etc., etc., etc.,, explain to him/her why you didn’t feel just in ‘brainwashing’ with a vegan diet. I’m sure they’ll thank you, mom.

      • Chuck Huskvarna says:

        Carbohydrates are responsible for the diseases you listed, not fat, you knucklehead. Among the world’s oldest and healthiest populations are meat eaters, including fish and lamb eating Scandanavians and the hunting cultures of the Russian steppe. Japanese are old as well, and they got that way by eating seafood. Next question please!

        • Fiona says:

          Really dingaling? Is that way ALL the fat asses of America and beyond eat the diet you espouse? How do you then account for every vegan I know being in INCREDIBLE shape and health.. how do you account for veganism being the cure for a ton of diseases (including cancer and diabetes)? How do you account for “The China Study”? Seriously, get a clue!

        • Joseph says:

          Hey Chuck – Let’s see how your colon looks from all that meat eating! Any idiot in this day and age knows that eating flesh makes you fleshy!

        • John Joseph says:

          Chuck wrong again – Complex carbs are food for training. The processed carbs are the ones causing disease. Bro, there are people with PhD’s in Nutritional Science (Dr Fred Bisci)who would smash every comment you’re making. Also the people who live the longest.. you mean the people living in the BLUE ZONES – many factors are attributed to their long life, meditation, activity, but most – almost ALL barely eat meat or fish – perhaps once in a while – they live a primarily plant-based life. I researched it…unlike you making your unsubstantiated claims – seafood is full of toxins and over-fishing has destroyed the planet ecology – Japanese and Chinese – main offenders. But rock on with your bad (uninformed) self kid!

        • Sharon says:

          10 bucks says Chuck is obese.

    • In that case ANY parent who takes their child to church, limits sugar, or tells their daughter they can’t wear a bikini til they are a teenager is brainwashing. We ALL put our ethics and morals on our kids, that’s called LIFE. I was raised Kosher because my family was Kosher. I am sure you had certain things you were and were not allowed to eat, do, or wear based on your PARENTS preferences. In this case, a HEALTHY DIET. Poor kids, they will get a nice dose of kale instead of McDonald’s! Only thing ridiculous here is your comment.

      • Chuck Huskvarna says:

        When I was in HS, an athlete classmate would stuff himself with animal protein from the cafeteria because his vegetarian mother wouldn’t buy any meat, and she was stingy with dairy. As every muscle-building athlete knows, without animal protein, muscle building is futile. Mixing amino acids to get complete protein from various non-meat sources is useless. It doesn’t work-at least for the practical athlete who can’t afford to wait a decade for development based on a vegan diet. Dairy-eating vegetarians can build muscle, however.

        • Fiona says:

          Bullshit Chuck – how do you account for EVERY vegan superstar athlete being stars in their field? How much is the meat and dairy industry paying you?

        • John Joseph says:

          Chuck – no disrespect my man but you are so far off and wrong its comical. From what scientific basis do you make these statements? “… Muscle building athlete knows without animal protein muscle building is futile…” Do you give away 1980 style zebra striped work out pants with that statement???? Dude complete protein and amino acids are in so many varieties of plant based foods that are alkaline not acid forming like meat, eggs dairy and the rest which wreaks havoc on your system. DO SOME RESEARCH – look at all the worlds top athletes men and woman who are plant-based. I have friends in the UFC – Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, James Wilkes who are vegan and are built like brick shit houses. Look at Robert Cheeke vegan bodybuilder. I personally have been plant based for 32 years and going plant strong. So do yourself a favor avoid those foods and head of the disease in your future…peace

        • Kendra says:

          I’m a vegan personal trainer and can tell you that vegans can absolutely put on muscle with proteins from plenty of plant sources. It’s not useless.
          I have to ask the same question as John, exactly where did you hear that muscle building without animal protein is futile? Can you point to studies that show this? I’ve been to PLENTY of fitness and nutrition conferences where the vegan diet is an accepted and promoted dietary method for athletes by highly regarded researchers, physiologists and nutritionists – and these were not vegan conferences.

  15. Amy says:

    Haha it’s brain washing to teach kids fruits and vegetables are good for you and that exercise is good, and it’s brain washing to teach your kids to question their food source and the quality of the food source, oh and it’s brain washing to teach kids to be kind to people and animals…

    But you know what’s NOT brain washing? telling children to drink the milk of another species beyond infancy for the sake if building strong bones. Really public, all the cows and chickens are treated with love when you milk them, and the kosher farms follow all the rules all the time! They just naturally are pregnant all the time! All those McDonald and burger king and pizza commercials during holidays and sports events that have those specials are the best deals ever! Only animal protein is complete protein and best quality protein, so make sure to eat PLENTY of animal protein to stay healthy or you will Getty protein deficiency!

  16. Taylor says:

    The greater majority of people have never considered where their food comes from, how many billions of animals we kill every year, or how eating animal products negatively impacts our health and the environment. If controversial means being forced to take a look at the truth of what is happening, both on and to this planet, then it is time to wake up, get educated, and make the right choices. The controversy is not the children’s book, the controversy is the moral dilemma within each person, within each parent. You can choose to stay in the dark and ignore the truth, or you can recognize the atrocities taking place, make the necessary changes, and begin doing something about it. Thinking, living, eating, and embracing life as a vegan is embracing and taking responsibility for all of life. Thank you Ruby for creating such a loving and powerfully moving book.

  17. Marisa says:

    Ok, we know Ruby is brilliant already from being a vegan educator/activist/mom, but she blew this interview out of the water. Yay for Ruby and yay for anyone teaching kids to think critically and act compassionately!

    • Dan Lamothe says:

      Fantastic. What a great idea. Will be purchasing this book.

      There can’t be enough information about going vegan/not eating animals/animal protein/flesh. People are ignorant about this topic and don’t want to hear that the way they were raised to eat is actually harmful.

      Too bad the meat eaters get so angry/offended by this. Sad really.

  18. Nicole says:

    In my opinion, there’s not much difference between parents raising their children with certain eating habits than it is to raise them in a certain religious belief. You have every right to teach your child your values and when they grow up, they can decide whether they want to continue down the path you have started them on or to go on their own path. There is absolutely nothing wrong with raising your child on a vegan diet. People are just ignorant about nutrition, and as Ruby said in the interview, “willfully ignorant” about the things that are done to animals in order for people to eat the products of their bodies. Unfortunately, we can’t raise other people’s kids for them. My husband and I are babysitting for some friends’ kids tonight and I wish so badly that I could share this book with the kids…but I know it’s not my place. I wonder who will buy this that isn’t already compassionate towards animals – because you can see how defensive meat eaters can become. But one can hope that there are some people whose eyes will indeed be opened to living a compassionate and healthy lifestyle! Go Ruby!

  19. Tyler says:

    I LOVE this, so very very much. I’m going to buy this book for our (vegan!) baby to have when she’s older. This book raises important issues in a great manner and treats children with respect in telling them the truth. I wish I had connected the dots sooner myself. LOVE Ruby Roth for being SO eloquent.

  20. Tanya says:

    Why is it that raising a child as a vegan is seen as making a choice for the child, whereas raising them as a meat eater, or following the status quo, is not? Both are choices.

    • Max says:

      Excellent point!

      I think that Ruby is a very intelligent and compassionate person and am very thankful to her contribution of spreading the message!

      Watch the documentary ‘Earthlings’ and go vegan!

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  23. amyfergs says:

    i am so grateful to ruby for sharing this message.. i hope that we can become more aware of our choices, and what exactly goes into what we consume..

    ‘we do not have to fear anything we have the power to change’


    and i am encouraged by the violent backlash.. there are 3 steps to acceptance of truth.. 1.ridicule 2.violent opposition 3.acceptance

    so, people who consume animals and use them for entertainment, products, and food, get pissed off!!! get super pissed off!!!! get angry.. and then accept that kindness and compassion is actually pretty groovy..

    compassion and freedom for all beings everywhere!!!

  24. Bunnyluv says:

    I can’t wait to get this book for my 5 yr old granddaughter.
    Sad to see so many hateful folks commenting here, but if you eat fear, suffering, terror and death (animals and animal products), then it is really no surprise that hatred would be the result.
    Time to wake up and be vegan, world.

  25. Essena says:

    So great to hear how together all the vegans and vegetarians are here, and how the carnivores are abusive, as they are through their diet and lifestyles. Carnivores are on a suicide mission, with their own bodies and with the animals, and planet. It is time for them to grow up and take some responsiblity for their actions. Karma is a skinny bitch. Good luck.

  26. Kristiina says:

    LOVE her. She is so right! By calling her book controversial people are admitting there is something really wrong with the way we treat animals.

  27. Mélanie says:

    Love this! Favorite quotes from the interview include “We don’t have to fear anything we have the power to change” and the bit about how the book teaches kids to “love deeply, think critically and act responsibly”. That should be the mission of any parent. Great job Ruby! Way to spread the word on veganism to our futur leaders in such a kind and positive way :)

  28. Anne P says:

    Wow, Ruby drives the point home, while looking poised and confident in this interview. The light of love, knowledge and wisdom shines through her eyes. Her calm certainty in contrast to the interviewer’s erratic behavior is visible proof of the power of living well and honestly. I love the expression “willfully ignorant”, what a powerful word that demands contemplation. So glad that she received an audience on CNN to spread the good news!

  29. Liz says:

    Fantastic! Wish she had been my mom:)

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    Vegan Kid Haters Get A Ruby Roth Style Smackdown | GirlieGirl Army

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