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You’ll Change Your Facial Scrub After Reading This

You’ll Change Your Facial Scrub After Reading This

Plastic junk in our oceans has concerned scientists for decades. In December, the New York Times and NPR reported on new research that micro plastic beads, the kind used in cosmetics, skincare, and toothpastes, are ending up in lakes and oceans around the world, with the highest concentration in the Great Lakes.


The research study gives circumstantial evidence that these micro-particle polyethylene beads wash straight through the drain, and because they are so small, are not captured by treatment plants. Instead, they end up in our watersheds and accumulate back up the food chain by making their way into the bellies of fish ­ yuck.  There’s now even a Beat The Bead: International Campaign Against Microbeads In Cosmetics (we suggest you sign and get involved) as these tiny particles of plastic have been polluting our waters and choking our fish.


The North Sea Foundation and Plastic Soup Foundation launch the Beat the Microbead campaign in the Netherlands and since then 22 NGOs have supported the campaign. The foundation has implemented a “Warning: plastics inside” logo to be placed on products containing harmful chemical compounds from plastics. Pthalate, BPA, and their brethren are terrorizing our insides, oceans, and reproductive systems. It’s time to take a hard line on these products in our homes. In fact, businesses and chain stores in the Netherlands announce they will put an end to microbead use altogether, it’s time for the US to get with it.  Of course, that’s up to us to put our money where our ethics are. And helllooo — why would we exfoliate with plastic when things like salt, sugar, cocoa beans, apricot shells, loofah’s, or even washcloths do the same job!

So here’s what to avoid and what to look for:


We know using pthalate-laden (pthalates are the compound chemicals that make plastic soft, and give us cancer and infertility!) plastic beads is just unnecessary.  When we know better, we do better!

Here are some of our favorite safe, earth/ ocean friendly cruelty-free alternatives;

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