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Let Us T.E.L.L. You What’s Hot & Green this Summer!

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You know how dorky excited we get when we meet green goddesses who are as simultaneously into lipstick and activism as we are! Get set to love the ladies of T.E.L.L!

Whether or not you’re into the environment, we’re all into good health.   And according to TheEcoLuxeLife.Com or  T.E.L.L. (as they call it), you can’t deny that what goes ON you goes IN you, so we all should take a closer look at the products we use.

We have totally fallen for T.E.L.L.,   a chic new online green store, blog, and community forum. This truly divine go-to, one-stop, hip shop for learning and shopping green will get your organic knickers in a bunch !  By creating “the largest online eco- friendly destination with products that run the entire lifestyle spectrum from beauty to fashion to home to mom and baby, pets, men and much much more,” you are able to enjoy tons of fabulous healthy eco options at all different price points – in one fantastic online spot. Just by looking at T.E.L.L. you can see (what we already knew!) that going eco isn’t about compromise anymore… these products are phenomenal, and they are housed in a website that is totally fab and femme-tastic.

Adorable T.E.L.L founders Syd, Lauren, and Alex have shared their summer must-haves with the GirlieGirlArmy posse. Here are your must have green gets for summer…

1)   Dress For Success. Need some dresses, summer scarves or just a good t-shirt? Check out C. Marchuska.   As seen in Marie Claire and on the runways of The Green Shows, this line is sustainable, chic, and comfier than that high school tee shirt – minus ten thousand washings!


2) Block it Out. Sunscreen is a must.. unless you want to be BFF with cancer. Your daily dose of Vitamin D is ok, but no one wants wrinkles and sunspots.  Check out Melansol.  It is an all-natural sunscreen that blocks 96% of rays, and can be used on face, body and the kiddies.


3) Bag It Up. Schlepping ain’t fun.. but at least it can be cute and green with these fun reusable grocery bags by Blue Avocado (which can double as a beach bag too!).  Or, spruce up any number of outfits with bags from The Hemptress – who makes hemp sexy, or Mad Imports who makes the sweetest clutches this side of the Mason-Dixon.

4) Let It all Hang Out. Dress any outfit up or down with Laura Elizabeth’s exquisite upcycled jewelry designs, especially her necklaces.  One of the T.E.L.L crews faves is the “Barbara” necklace.  Its edgy, yet classic enough that it will last through the changing trends. Designer Laura takes such care with both her jewelry and the company to ensure that her entire business (from shipping to design) is eco conscious!


5) Get Luscious Lips. A perfect way to add some flare to bronzed summer skin is to brighten up your lips. And since most women actually ingest their lipstick, you don’t want all those nasty chemicals! Check out Cheeky Cosmetics.  Go crazy and use bright reds or pinks for some extra funky puckers.     These colors go on beautifully sheer, perfect for a natural summer punim.


6) Be SCENTual. Frankly nobody cares what you have on if you can pull them in with an awesome aroma.. and no, the lingering smell of your lunch of kale chips and kombucha doesn’t count. That is where Ambre Blends comes in. An all-natural essential oil blend mixes with your body chemistry and the result is astonishing: as in people stop you on the street. Seriously. For $44 you cannot go wrong. “Invoke” is the go-to scent of summer.


7) Yoga, Yoga, Yoga. Don’t look like a dog when doing your downward dog. Check out Prancing Leopard‘s gear. If you have big gozongas, and need them to stay in place and look flattering, you will love this entire line, especially the bodysuits that are so frickin cute – we’d like to put them on a spoon and eat them! Like sorbet for the bod!


8) Make Your Skin Grin. Tata Harper Skincare is 100% vegan, has gorgeous packaging, and smells like absolute heaven. It’s also made by a cool Mama on her very own organic farmland. Oh, and did we mention it works so well, our friends literally stockpile every item in the line? Try it yourself and see.


9) Give Your Hair a Rare Break. Sitting in the sun dries out your hair and skin. So replace that moisture, the eco way! Try Rare Elements Pure Shampoo and Essential Conditioner. These rich cremes pamper each strand with nutrient-rich botanicals, hydrating nut oils and the energy-giving fragrances of aromatherapy.

10) Bathe in Your Beauty. Nothing beats a good bath or shower after a long day in the sun. If you’re into scrubs and are looking for an exfoliant, the chocolate bon bons from Sumbody are decadent, fabulous, and guilt-free!


11) Lotion Potion. If you like your lotion thick and creamy, body butters by Moksa will moisturize without being greasy.


So, now that you’re armed with T.E.L.L.’s summer secrets, spend $20 in T.E.L.L.’s own online store (, and they will give you $5 off at checkout by entering the code GirlieGirlArmy5 at checkout. If you spend $40 or more, you can receive $10 off at checkout by entering code GirlieGirlArmy10 at checkout. Make sure to visit for access to T.E.L.L.’s full arsenal of eco-products for summer and beyond!

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