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And The Awards For Comfiest Cool Spring/Summer Shoes Go To…

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Shoe comfort becomes an issue when you fit into the follow groups;

1. You walk your dogs.

2. You have children that you chase.


3. You live in a City where you spend a lot of time on your feet.. walking.

Heaven help you if you (like me) fit in all three categories.  Pre-babies and dogs I was one of those girls who would walk all day long in sky high heels, wedges, and platforms without a care in the world.  Whenever I’d put on flats, I’d find them incredibly uncomfortable! But now I’m a grown Mama who has discovered the joy of a padded foot bed, and I leave the Louboutins to the socialites who have chauffeurs to shuffle them about (or save them – or in our case the sky high Stella’s – for special occasions) and acquiesce to comfort cool.

You think all those hipsters wear holey jeans and rocker tee shirts just because they look cool? Nope.. comfort first. Which is essentially the essence of cool, being totally happy in your very own weird – not too mussed – with skin.  This isn’t a sociology lesson though, this is our list of the most walker friendly spring/summer shoes on our radar.  And.. hello.. do you think we’d put you in ridiculous chunky earth shoes? These are all amazing looking on. My initial instincts about flats were right, they aren’t all walking comfy.. but these really are. GGA tested and approved!

Ivy (available in 3 colors), $90

Mansi (avail in 2 colorways), $85

Fern (avail in 3 colorways), $78

BONUS: For Earth Day, use this coupon code for a 15% discount on any merchandise on “earthday2012” at check out. Offer Expires: April 24, 2012

Lace Cloud Flat Bootie (Avail in Black & White), $120

Balance Flat Sandal - Leopard, $120

Bounce T-Strap Ballet Flat (avail in 3 colors), $120

BONUS: GirlieGirl Army readers can discount all purchases on by 20% by entering code GIRLIEGIRLARMY at checkout.

Madison (avail in 5 colors), 86pds

BONUS: Free delivery in the UK, and free delivery in the US over 150pds (It’s worth it to buy two pairs!)

Greece (avail in Black & White) $120

Sailboat Flat, $170

BONUS: 15% off at Olsen Haus. Mention GirlieGirlArmy with your order.

Women's Cleo Chop-Out Wedge, $29

Copsey Polka Dot Flat - Lela Rose for Payless, $34

BONUS:  Payless shoes are already dirt cheap, but it’s currently BOGO (buy one, get one 50% off) at, take advantage of it.

Mohop Mid Wedge/ Walnut, $103

BONUS: The Mohop sandal is composed of Pará wood that is harvested from sustainably managed plantations and has been dyed a walnut color with eco-friendly, water-based dyes. This sandal features durable black rubber soling with recycled content and a padded footbed with a silver shell motif screenprinted on black faux suede.  Each pair of sandals comes with seven sets of ribbons as shown above. llustrated cards showing 7 different ways to tie are included. So right there, you have 49 pairs of shoes in one. Shoe heaven!!! The ribbons set includes: 5/8″ black and gold stripe; 3/8″ white; 7/8″ navy; 7/8″ black and silver; 1 3/8″ dove grey; 7/8″ black and white stripe; and 5/8″ navy.   Get 20% off all non-discounted items and 10% off sale items at
with code GirlieGirlArmy.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Jeanie says:

    Quality-wise, Beyond Skin shoes are far and above every other vegan brand mentioned here (OlsenHaus is definitely second, though!). I’ve been swearing by them for at least five years and probably have owned nearly two dozen pairs. From high, high heels to wedges to ballet flats to sandals, these shoes are RESILIENT. They will last forever, and your feet will look great and feel great. Additionally, their shoes are stylish but not overly trendy, meaning you’ll WANT to wear them summer after summer. Totally worth buying from overseas if you’re in the US like me.

  2. Greta says:

    I have tried all these lines too and I have to agree. Stella’s and beyond skins hold up to vigorous wear best. GGA: thanks for this helpful piece!!

  3. Fiona says:

    My neuauras are incredible. So comfy and no ripping like I sometimes have w the other vegan brands.

  4. Amy says:

    Great post. Do you know how long the discount code for Cri de Coeur will be good for? Thanks! :)

  5. Diane L says:

    I own 2 pairs of the Cri de Coeur Bounce flat. They are very comfortable and look great! Thanks for this list!

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