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Let’s Just Skin A Human Baby And Call It Fashion

Let’s Just Skin A Human Baby And Call It Fashion

These may look like nice bags to you, but what if we told you they are made from a full ostrich leg.  And that they are the hottest bag of the season to people who follow trends who can’t wait to get their hands on this sort of ridiculous fantasy – aka nightmare – purchase.  Exotic animal body parts are getting more and more chic for cruel cavewomen, aka wealthy fashionistas, who can’t get enough of hurting animals in their attempts to fill their empty souls.

New York Magazine’s fashion writer Kurt Soller (clearly a compassionate type) says;

” While the current runways are full of fur, streamlined black-and-white silhouettes, and plenty of modernism, any handbag investments made now should take heed of all that. Something geometric and a bit formal — gone are those satchel days — perhaps with a metallic strap and the kind of shape even your grandmother would enjoy, seems like the right choice to wear with a more streamlined wardrobe. And all the better if it’s crafted from an unabashedly luxe material. Example A: Chloé’s new Amelia bag, which was launched exclusively to be sold at the brand’s new Soho boutique. The designers combined brown and black with an ivory panel that vaguely looks like snakeskin, but is actually ostrich leg, to create an Art Deco piece that’s slightly, and sublimely, off-kilter for spring.”

The only off-kilter thing here is that people find this acceptable. A bag that costs a months rent, made from what a sweet bird would use to walk.  How is this remotely “sublime”? You know what’s sublime, Kurt? Being a decent human being and not hurting animals for no reason but vanity.  Stella McCartney bags are far nicer than the one below and are made from entirely cruelty-free fabrics. Get a clue, fashion world.

Don’t wear this bag unless you would gnaw this birds leg off yourself. She rather likes her leg, thank you very much.

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Chloé Amelia Bag ($4,400 – below), available at 93 Greene St., New York; 646-350-1770. Don’t buy one. Gross.

How about wearing these chic options instead, that won’t hurt a damn thing;

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Ibis, $118
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