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Makeup Tutorial: Deep Plum Eyes

Makeup Tutorial: Deep Plum Eyes

Glam goddess Annabella Asvik of serves up smoky eyes in a new way.


Inspired by the Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2010 runway makeup, we created this wild vixen look with non-toxic, eco, and cruelty-free Sante cosmetics. You can buy the shades at

1. Apply a deep brown eyeliner under the lower lid in lashes towards the outer eyelashes.

2. Apply bronze eyeliner inside lower lids

3. Apply aubergine eyeshadow under lower lashes and all over eyelids into the crease.

4. Apply a soft pink eyeshadow under the brow bone and blend into the aubergine Shadow. If you don’t have a pink shadow, you can use your blush.

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5. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and work up toward the hairline.

4. Add rose lipgloss.

Ed’s note: If you want your eyeshadow to look dewy and glossy, add a dab of lip balm or light colored lipstick or gloss on top of your shadow. Only a teensy bit, or it will cause the shadow to run more than you’d want.

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