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Why You Should Make Sure Your Cosmetics Are BDIH Natural Cosmetic Certified (Trust Us)

Why You Should Make Sure Your Cosmetics Are BDIH Natural Cosmetic Certified (Trust Us)

BDIH Natural Cosmetic Certification–what is it and why should you seek products with this seal?

Fall Runway Collection, $30

Cosmetic additives and ingredients can negatively impact our health, our environment, and the well being of animals.  Many products contain a laundry list of potentially dangerous and gross ingredients, some obvious, some insidiously hidden (the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found lead contamination in 61% of all lipsticks it tested), so what is an eco-chick to do?

A short cut to decoding a product’s ingredients is looking for a seal indicating BDIH Natural Cosmetic Certification.  BDIH originated in Germany in 1996, and began compiling a list of standards to ensure the ultimate environmental ethics, animal safety, and quality of cosmetic products for sale in Europe.  According to BDIH, the makers of the products marked with its seal must use natural raw material such as plant oils and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils and aromatics from controlled biological cultivation or controlled biological wild collection. In addition to the careful selection of raw materials, the ecological impact of each product plays an important role in the certification process. The parameters of the certification process cover everything from ingredient sourcing up to packaging and include:

  • Strict no animal testing policy–this includes ingredients, raw materials, and finished product.
  • No raw materials obtained from dead vertebrates may be used, including collagen, animal fats, mink oil, or living cells.
  • Genetically modified ingredients are not allowed.
  • Ingredients must be sourced from plants or minerals ONLY.
  • Radioactive treatment of raw materials is forbidden.
  • Packaging must be minimal as to create the least amount of waste, and should be recyclable.

Finding brands that meet this criteria is easier than you think, and there are a number of BDIH certified products in the US that you might already enjoy like Weleda, Aubrey Organics, Lavera, and Dr. Hauschka, who all have celebrated and easy to find skin and body products for face, body, and baby.

Normalizing Day Oil, $42

I won’t do a photoshoot without Logona’s Bamboo Blow Dry Styler (obsessed!) and also recently fell in love with makeup from the 2nd ever American company to receive BDIH certification, Alima Pure Mineral Makeup.  I know, I know, another mineral makeup, but this is one of the few that is well stocked enough to meet the demands of even a pro make up artist.  The range of totally mixable warm and cool shades is amazing & diverse, and they even have corrective color powders to help balance and conceal imperfections like redness or dark circles.  The best part?  You can order samples for a buck fifty to try it before you buy it!

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Logona Blow Dry Styler Bamboo, $13

So if you’re trying to green your beauty routine a little, take some of the homework out the process and look for BDIH certified products to ensure what you put on your body is eco/animal friendly and held to a highest standard of ethical and safe production!

GGA BFF C. Eden Di Bianco has recently lent her cruelty free beauty talents to the Cri de Coeur lookbook and a music video for electroclash artist Blake’s song “Creepin” in conjunction with the Hollaback! initiative to end street harassment.  She continues to bring vegan and cruelty free goodness to clients all over NYC with lush locks and flawless face on location, while constantly searching for amazing products & tips to share with GGA readers. Book her for your next cut, color, or event styling at