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Glam New Vegan Lipgloss From A Gorgeous Rockstar

Glam New Vegan Lipgloss From A Gorgeous Rockstar

Friend to GGA Theo Kogan is the creator and founder of Armour Beauty, the naturally based, long wearing line of vegan lip gloss. Armour Beauty, known for combining high-end fashion and rock ‘n roll attitude, has quickly become a favorite of celebrities, beauty editors and makeup artists. With ingredients like mango butter and grapeseed oil, these paraben free, gluten free, cruelty-free lipglosses are a must add to any compassionistas make up bag.  These glosses are shiny and sticky (in the best of ways) like your old mac glosses from your partying days, but they last longer and smell delicious. Plus, they aren’t full of chemical crud.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Theo was inspired by the creative culture of the city. Theo had a successful music career as the lead singer of the legendary all-female punk, rock band – Lunachicks. With their second show at the historical Limelight, they were discovered by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, and they next thing they knew they were in the studio making their first record produced by Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. If ever there was a cool girl in the 90’s East Village, when it was still cool, Theo was it. Insanely beautiful and derangedly talented, Theo’s look was copied by many, but only perfected by her.

Theo Kogan's line of vegan lipglosses, Armour Beauty
Theo Kogan’s line of vegan lipglosses, Armour Beauty

As the lead singer of the Lunachicks, Theo was widely known as much for her signature avant-garde style as for her high-energy performances. Traveling the globe playing at world famous venues including CBGB, The Marquee in London and The Roxy in LA, to name a few. The band also joined Green Day, Rancid and Eminem on The Warped Tour as well as touring with iconic bands including Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, The Offspring and NoFX as well as classic icons such as The GoGo’s, Berlin and Joan Jett, the Lunachicks were living the ultimate rockstar life.


During her 10 years of life on the road with The Lunachicks, Theo began acting and modeling, playing lead roles in movies including High Times’ Potluck, Live Freaky, Die Freaky and in featured roles in the films of Martin Scorcese (Bringing Out The Dead), Jane Campion(In The Cut) and Ben Stiller (Zoolander). She also modeled for top fashion ad campaigns for designers including Calvin Klein, Burberry and Kenneth Cole. Theo began craving a lip gloss that would stay on and not dry her lips out during her high energy performances and long photo shoots.

In 2006 while playing in her band Theo And The Skyscrapers, determined to create what the beauty industry was missing, a long-lasting, naturally based lip gloss, Theo began meeting with manufacturing companies, testing formulas and inventing colors. After years of perfecting the formula and packaging, Armour Beauty launched in 2009. Each beautiful shade of gloss is named after Theo’s favorite songs, bands or pop culture icons paying homage to those who have made Theo the strong woman she is today. Armour beauty is available nationwide at select salons and boutiques, as well as Ricky’s NYC stores in Manhattan and Miami with new stores coming soon.

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Armour V - Brigitte, $21
Armour V – Brigitte, $21

Today, Theo lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their 3-year-old daughter, Lucy.

Theo is proud to present the newly launched Vegan collection Armour V.

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