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The Pinnacle Of Chic

The Pinnacle Of Chic

It’s about to get cold, and we want to make sure you know how we really feel about fur.. as if you didn’t already know. When Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of New York Magazine wearing an Anti-Fur Pin in 1994, the stage was set to nail the lid on the coffin of the fur industry. “Fur is Dead” became the mantra of many activists, animal lovers, and fashion industry professionals alike. And it was dead, both literally and figuratively.

After almost 15 years of educating and advocating on behalf of fur-bearing animals, it seemed the animal rights movement had a true victory over one of the most cruel, unjustifiable and frivolous abuses of animals. Flash-forward another 15 years, and fur is back from the dead with a vengeance, thanks to an incredible, international effort on behalf of fur interests who have crusaded, literally buying the support of everyone from magazine editors to fashion students. The trickle-down effect has resulted in more fur on the runways than ever before, and a perceived acceptance of fur. Now that fur has risen from the dead, our fight is not over.

PINNACLE is an initiative conceived by our dear friend Joshua Katcher of (which is akin to, but catered to menfolk) to provide a platform for designers and artists to creatively express their anti-fur sentiment through their own medium, on their own terms. Whether it’s a reinvention of the original No-Fur Pin, or something entirely different, PINNACLE aims to fight fur with fashion. That’s why designers like John Bartlett, Stella McCartney, Victoria Bartlett and a band of tastemakers like Thurston Moore, artists like Peter Max, and independent labels like April 77 have already pledged their support. That’s why spokesmodels Karolina Babnczynska and Adam Erick Wallace of Ford Models have already taken a stand, being featured in the maiden, biannual PINNACLE Fashion Week Magazine – which you can read for free here, you lucky duck. It’s a MUST-READ for any compassionate fashionista!

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Are you a designer? A model? A photographer? Help PINNACLE become the radix for a potent and fashionable stand against the dark forces of the fur industry, and in the process, we’ll all get closer to our ultimate goal: ending the unspeakable horrors that fur-bearing animals endure, inherent in fur production.   It’s simple: you design a killer accessory. It can be one-off for a photo, or something that goes into production. Whether you use metal studs, wood, Swarovski crystals, faux-leather, or printed graphics, this is an opportunity to really make the anti-fur message desirable, wearable, and powerful:

1. Design an accessory, incorporating the anti-fur message in any way you see fit, for men or women (obviously, don’t use any animal-derived products to make it).

2. Capture an image of the pin/accessory on a model or by itself, with an editorial story, or as one image.

3. Make pins available to consumers on your website or in your store – or just make one as an art object / statement piece to look at in a gorgeous photo story you produce.

4. Send your content, along with an image of yourself and a statement expressing your anti-fur position, to [email protected]

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They will follow through with press as the main objective is for PINNACLE to get the press talking about you and your participation will be dedicated to showcasing your creation, and a link back to your personal site.

DEADLINE for the A/W 2011 NYC Fashion Week: December 20th, 2010 If you want to support PINNACLE and are not able to contribute through fashion, consider making a donation that will help print their biannual magazine in coordination with Fashion Week.

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If you are in the NYC area TONIGHT – Saturday, Oct 16th, stop by the fundraiser for the PINNACLE Magazine in Williamsburg Brooklyn – featuring jaw-dropping raffle prizes, delicious food, and a party celebrating Joshua Katcher’s 30th Birthday! GirlieGirl Army Founder Chloe Jo Davis will be in the house supporting Josh and his genius work for animals. Details HERE.