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Green Fashion Week Interviews: Part 2

Published on September 26, 2009 by   ·   10 Comments Pin It

This is part 2 of our series about The Green Shows at NYC Fashion week. In this installment we meet Tara St. James of Study, Suki Kramer of Suki, and Eric Dorfman, founder of The Green Shows. Look out for part 3, coming soon!

A Recycled, Eco Piece from the Tara St. James Collection

A Gorgeous Recycled, Eco Piece from Study

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. elaine says:

    What is it with the models looking so depressed?!! LOL

  2. Chloe Jo says:

    In person it was even scarier.. those girls are not just pin thin.. they look very, very sick. No breasts, no hips.. there is *no way* most of them menstruate. I was actually surprised that eco-designers would have stuck with the norm of sick looking girls.. but I guess they will want to fit in and sell their clothes to snobby buyers. Perhaps one day we will see runways full of normal-sized real girls! I felt sad watching them… it was hard for me to concentrate on the clothes, because I wanted to send them all back to their Mommy’s for a well balanced dinner.

  3. Jeanie says:

    You said it Chloe Jo…for a long time I wanted to work in the fashion industry but a lot of things about it ended up turning me off. A large part of it was thinking about the way it must have really warped a lot of these girls’ minds and sent them on a long battle of constantly hoping they were skinny/pretty enough to get a job, leading them to do all sorts of insanely unhealthy things to their bodies. As someone who has an eating disorder at age 12 but can still remember very clearly how shitty it was, I just couldn’t work in an industry that set thousands (millions?) of girls down that path, only to discard them by age 25.

    These clothes are awesome, but the way the designer (who is adorable, by the way)had the models walk SO SLOWLY really added to the “sullen adolescent” effect. Maybe next time ask them to speed it up a little and at least turn their frowns into neutral faces? At least?

    In any event, thanks, these interviews are awesome, and I’ll definitely look for these brands.

  4. Jeanie says:

    I love the way you guys don’t back down on the dairy and fur issues with Eric Dorfman, too. :D

  5. elaine says:

    They all look like they’re on the verge of collapse. Maybe the message should get out that those of us interested in this stuff like HEALTHY SPIRITED ATHLETIC women (and men!).

  6. Chloe Jo says:

    YET another reason to applaud amazing designers like Elizabeth Olsen (OlsenHaus) who uses REAL women that she respects (activists, artists, etc.. all vegans) in her look books and for her print campaigns. I wouldn’t just be saying that if I weren’t one of her regular models. ;) It’s ALWAYS admirable in the fashion industry when someone comes out and says “Ya know what.. I don’t care that it’s ALWAYS been skinny models/ fur/ leather shoes.. I’m going to reinvent what FASHION is to me.” I know I’ve done that in my perspective on fashion. It’s not easy (sometimes) eschewing wool sweaters all winter when all the stores show is wool… but the animals and first and foremost my priority.. so if I have to search a little harder for a great sweaters.. or (Better yet!) wear the same two all season… so be it. Fashion should never come before LIFE (ie – the health of those models or the literal lives of animals).. in my opinion.

  7. “Where my brass knuckles at, yo!” HA! Love it- bravo you two!


  8. Allison Tray says:

    “Fashion should never come before LIFE” well said CJ!

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