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Brave GentleMan: First Ever Vegan And Sustainable Minded Mens Store Opens In Brooklyn

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Today was the grand opening of the Brave GentleMan store in Brooklyn – the first ever high fashion, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably minded boutique for discerning brutes, that means you menfolk and femme fans of masculine attire!

The Brave GentleMan label is a high-end, sustainable and ethically-made Men’s Collection offering a fusion of future-textiles with centuries-old production methodology.  Utilizing “future suede”, “future leather” and “future wool”, which are superior to problematic animal-fibers, Brave GentleMan offers luxury New York made suiting, premium footwear produced in Portugal and hats hand-made in Los Angeles, along with “future-leather” accessories made in New York’s Historic Garment Center.

Speaking of Discerning Brutes, this shop was opened by the helm of aforementioned mega popular blog, Joshua Katcher. Go for fall 15 futurewool suits, ruggedly slim outerwear and rtw collection, and beautiful shelves made from a reclaimed cedar water tower in Alaska. Be sure to pre-order their futureleather shoe and boot line that will be arriving from Europe in a week. And yes, women can and do wear the line, just order smaller sizes. Gorgeous Josh and his staff of hot and hip happily help the gals suit up.

Joshua says;

I started this store and fashion line after several years of writing The Discerning Brute, researching the very best men’s designers, brands, and lifestyle products that meet a rare combination of stringent aesthetic and ethical criteria. Brave GentleMan is for the indulgent heroes, protectors, defenders, adventurers, and men with lionhearts.  Everything available on is assured to be 100% vegan. We also strive to only showcase items that are sustainably produced in fair-labor conditions, and allow men with a strong sense of personal style to express themselves with pride in their principles.

WHAT’S COOL: The non wool hats in incredible shapes, perfect boots, and custom suits in organics materials.

SHOP: 176 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn. or Online

#menswear #sustainablefashion #veganfashion

Brave Gentleman First Ever Vegan and Sustainable Minded Mens Store Opens In Brooklyn

Brave Gentleman Vegan Mens Style


Brave Gentleman First Ever Vegan And Sustainable Minded Mens Store Opens In Brooklyn

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Lyn Neglia says:

    I grew up in retail, small, designer, chain of women’s boutiques in The Bay Area. I have also been a vegan for 30 yrs,so I know what I speak of when I say ‘Bravo’!!! Beautiful designs, pieces that are great on their own but also work so nicely with each other and all of the accessories! Thank you for showing what compassion can look like!

  2. Sonia Segura says:

    Congratulations Joshua!There is definitely nothing more attractive than a compassionate, fashionable man. I’ll have to check it out next time I visit.

  3. Greg says:

    TOTALLY ordering one of these suits.

  4. Rebecca Mink says:

    It is an exciting time in sustainable fashion. Leaders are not giving up! Fantastic Joshua..this is a game changer!!

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