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The Importance of Dry Shampoo

The Importance of Dry Shampoo

How do you think our Grandmothers kept those ‘hives alive for DAYS?   My Grandmother (a shockingly bright redhead who still sports “pieces” and huge faux flower clips on her pompadour) went for a once weekly “shampoo and set” where her “girl” teased her borderline-fuchsia locks into oblivion.     Her hair always looked sexy and fantastic.   She may as well have been Gina Lollobrigida even on her most casual of days, gallivanting around her over the top apartment (leopard print everywhere) on the 42nd floor in a gold caftan, more diamonds than anyone ever needs, and flaming orange lipstick.   I loved how she looked more than anything, and knew then that this display of camp, over-the-top femininity was where I hoped my look would one day evolve. No wonder I ended up running with Drag Queens throughout my teens.

Hot curlers and dry shampoo give me good hair.
Chloe Jo says “Hot curlers and dry shampoo give me good hair.”

Unfortunately my real life hair, unless I have an event or am going somewhere special, is either too dry, too oily, or too long – with crazed tangles of blonde, brown, and black that my cats claw at.     After a recent trip to my beloved hairstylist (Alicia Trani at Mudhoney in NYC) when I came out feeling like myself again, I made a commitment to myself that I’d start fixing myself up more, even when nobody was going to see me.   And hot curlers saved the day.   They are SO underrated.   Hot curlers give me Farrah-sexy hair in 10 minutes or less, and I can save the look for a few days before it gets to what I call (lovingly) stripper hair.   But there is always the instance when it’s day 3 of my curled or blown out hair, and I have to hit the gym for a session with my trainer and be at a dinner by 8pm, and I just don’t have the time to redo my ‘do!   What to do?


My Grandma, Mother, Aunt (and yours) LIVED by this stuff to prolong their hairstyles.   Basically, you spray or sprinkle a powder on your head/ hair and it absorbs the oil on your scalp and head and makes your hair smell pretty.   Dry Shampoo also adds tons of volume to thin or fine hair. This is the perfect fix in a pinch and everybody (men and women) should always have a bottle handy!   It’s also great for those of us who color our hair, because the less you wash your hair – the less color comes out and the less dry your hair gets.   In fact, most hairstylists will straight up tell you that you shouldn’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week.   Pulling all those natural oils out of your head only to try to put them back in with a conditioner is nonsensical.   Dry shampoo allows you to freshen up your head without drying out your scalp and lock-age.

Our fave = HAIR FIX.   This 100% natural, vegan, and affordable dry shampoo is so easy to use.   Hair Fix is available in Brown, White, and Black and is fragranced with a luscious blend of 100% organic essential oils.

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Hair Fix, $19.95.
Hair Fix, $19.95.

How to use? Simply shake the bottle, dispense a small amount of the powder close to your scalp and work through your hair with fingers or blend it in beautifully with an applicator brush.   Your hair will be left smelling fresh and clean, excess oil is absorbed, and your hair is full of volume and bounce.   Lot’s of people also like the Bumble & Bumble dry shampoos because they are available in spray bottles, but these are neither a smart eco choice, nor organic, nor certified vegan, and they are much more expensive than Hair Fix.     Best of all, Hair Fix is owned by an eco/ animal activist cutie, so you know your money is going somewhere great.   Learn more about dry shampoo on their FAQ page here.

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