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Amber Valletta Features Eco-Conscious Designers On E!

Amber Valletta Features Eco-Conscious Designers On E!

Supermodel Amber Valletta recently launched Master & Muse, a sustainably minded fashion and shopping website. Amber has sought out brands, artisans, designers and entrepreneurs who are courageously pushing the envelope in how fashion is designed, sourced, constructed and sold. She discovered it is possible to be both fashionable and socially responsible. As this is a lifestyle we’ve been espousing for 15 years now, we say, welcome to the pack!

The Master & Muse shop, in collaboration with YOOXYGEN, is for those super stylish, conscientious shoppers, who want to shop confidently, secure in the knowledge that the clothes and accessories they are purchasing are good for them, their family, and the community at large.

E!, that mainstream bastion that brought the world glittering demi-tragedies like The Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest, featured Amber last night showing her favorites from her e-shop. We always get excited when mainstream press picks up green tidbits beyond Earth Day, and we’ve noticed things erring more in that direction as of late.

Watch the segment here;

Amber is also the host of Thread: Driving Fashion Forward, a four-part short documentary series about the fashion industry’s social and environmental impact.

Love that Amber is a fan of our newest obsession Daniel Silverstein Zero Waste collection.

At Daniel Silverstein, the collection aesthetic is informed by Daniel’s zero fabric waste design technique.  Textile pollution is a growing problem in the fashion industry.  An average of 10-15 percent of the fabric used to make every garment is thrown away, a sobering statistic given the millions of garments produced every year. In the spirit of a long walk begins with a single step, Daniel is passionately committed to keeping fabric waste to a minimum with every collection he makes.

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Using a unique draping technique, Daniel keeps fabric waste close to zero. “Spine” details and special embellishments wrap around the body to use the full yardage of fabric put into each piece.  These details have become the signature look of the Daniel Silverstein brand, synonymous with luxury, fashion forward and one of a kind.

Daniel Silverstein Zero Waste heron dress, $410
Daniel Silverstein Zero Waste heron dress, $410
 MASTER&MUSE x DANIEL SILVERSTEIN Knee-length dress, $533

Knee-length dress, $533

I was lucky enough to wear Daniel Silverstein pieces when shooting my series on Green Living for last week.

Here I am in a few of the Daniel Silverstein looks backstage;