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Gift Guide For The Picky Biatch

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We know you guys have plenty of bff’s to please this gifting season, and unlike your dog, they won’t be satisfied with a kong full of peanut butter. Enjoy our first Holiday Gift Guide of the season, and be prepared for regular blogs chock full of   unique prezzie ideas – from breaking the bank to DIY for pennies – over the next Month.   From non-profiteers in deep dept to Daddy Warbucks – we aim to please.

The easiest gift is always a frame.   Plus it’s the perfect way to say “I love ya, slutcakes” with a cute photo of the two of you already popped in, lest you be that presumptuous.     This is probably not a good gift for your Dentist.   He doesn’t like you enough to have your photo in his office.

Kitsch Baroque Photoframe, $16

Kitsch Baroque Photoframe from, $16.

Call us weirdos, but we really do want a set of stuffed gnomes, or at least a vintage copy of this book that used to make us sequel with the possibility of a fairy n’ gnome underworld as children.   We bet older, creative kids would like these odd little stuffed toys too.

$11.50 each at

$11.50 each at

Our un-siliconed lips craved this ring the minute we laid eyes on it.   You’ll want to dreamily gaze at Solange’s gorgeously crafted enamel creations on her website all day long.   This isn’t jewelry – this is truly wearable pop art.

Big spenders looking for a big, green purchase for their loved one should consider a romantic couch from eco-furniture designers Cisco Brothers; who use FSC certified wood, water based glues, and chemical free natural upholstery options in their glam designs.     We’ve got our eye on this baby below.

Soy foam couch

Soy foam couch by Cisco Brothers

What’s a more useful stocking stuffer for the Mermaid n’ Pirate lover in your life than handmade magnets made from recycled bottle caps?

Set of six magnets, $18.

Set of six magnets, $18.

Yellow gold makes us all giddy inside.   And these ornate earrings are the sort of thing we’d totally forget to buy for ourselves but would love to own.

DREAM MULLICK- Vermeil Mini Bali Sky Earring, $63.

DREAM MULLICK- Vermeil Mini Bali Sky Earring, $63.

Vegan, organic, chemical-free Lipgloss that tastes like cotton candy?   Sign us up!

Holiday USDA Organic Vegan Lip Glosses, $5.

Holiday USDA Organic Vegan Lip Glosses by, $5.

The worlds simultaneously coziest and coolest looking hoodie is yours for the giving.   It has a fitted shape that’s almost like a dress, with really special stiching details.   Your best friend would so wear this to get her organic green tea at the local coffee shop every morning.   Plus – it’s made from 100% organic cotton, and is so thick you can almost wear it instead of a jacket!

Our guy is always drooling over the gorgeous knick nacks on DL & Co’s Site.   We are especially grooving on the black skull candle which would look to-die-for on our dinner table.

While you are busy gifting your tush off, think of yourself too, sweet cheeks. You are in serious need of some festive holiday cocktail dress attire.   Like this hemp silk dress from, which incidentally has some of the most beautifully designed eco-gifts we’ve seen in worms years.

Ranier Hemp Silk Dress, Ecoskin $179.

Ranier Hemp Silk Dress, Ecoskin $179.

Get your favorite work-a-holic to chill the frick out with our absolute favorite bath oil from Space NK made of patchouli, vetiver, bay and lavender essential oils. It’s not cheap, but in this case you absolutely get what you pay for.   This bath oil makes us happier than an basket of kittens.

Sleephead Bath Oil by Space NK, $45.

Sleephead Bath Oil by Space NK, $45.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas, lovemuffins.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Kizzy-Kay says:

    I love the hoodie, candle, dress and bath oil. Any suggestions for those with a little less money to burn?

  2. love these!! i can’t wait to purchase the sleephead oil – for ME! keep ’em coming.

  3. Allison Tray says:

    That hot pink frame is ADORABLE!

  4. brook says:

    i love them all–i thank you Especially for keeping your working class girls in mind. mwah!!

  5. Chloe Jo says:

    So glad you gals are loving this gift guide! Hang tight for another one coming soon!

  6. Lizzy says:

    Good call on the pink frame, I need to get a few of those for x-mas gifts for my girlfriends!

    I also love the Vermeil Mini Bali Sky Earrings, those would look SO good with my gorgeous diamond necklace my fiance bought me from that I would feel like a movie star with all that bling on!

    The soy foam couch is so sleek I wish I had room for that in my apt!

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