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Because The Night Belongs To Lovers

Because The Night Belongs To Lovers

It was a long-standing joke with my friends.   When appearing on a TV show talking about how I love nightlife in NYC (hey, I was 22 and star of a reality show- give me a break) I wistfully looked into the camera and said “Because tonight, anything can happen.”   It was earnest, it was full of hope – and it was beyond cheesy.   Who knows, I was probably drunk. The point is – getting dressed up for a proper evening out should always hold the promise of mystery.   What may happen tonight just MAY change your life.   You very well could meet a new love interest, bump into a dear old friend, or be introduced to the Daddy Warbucks who ends up funding your new project. On of our many motto’s at Girlie Girl Army is to always look your best, because your insides are (hopefully) already well taken care of and glorious, so why not have them match your outside.

Check out our new friendy, evening gown designer; Dalia, an LA eco chick who creates gowns for real, full-of-life women.   This isn’t really about subtlety – this about sex, fantasy, n’ glamor.   The gal designs dresses for “Dancing with the Stars” after all.

Best thing of all – for us silk-free vegan Mamacitas; she has a whole section of eco-vegan gowns!   Just look for the “V” at the bottom of each gown to suss out the vegan from the non-vegan.   Not only that, a portion of the price of each gown is donated to Women for Women, which provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies.

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photos via Dalia

To order a gown, email Dalia directly at [email protected] Prices range from $250-450 for Short Gowns, and $350 and up for Long Gowns – completely affordable for a custom made dress! Plus, all women are represented with a wide range of sizes from 2 to 20.     Holiday season?   Bring it on.

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