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Viva La Nameplate!!

Viva La Nameplate!!

Carrie Shmarrie, we still wear our name-plate necklaces with pride.   In fact, we kinda love personalizing things.   Otherwise, we’d be at peril, drifting in a sea of H&M sameness.     Get jiggy with these fun ways to show the world exactly who you are (on the outside).

RIP, nameplates.
RIP, nameplates.

Just cuz “Sex in the City” ruined a few thousand trends, doesn’t mean you need to donate or give away anything that was once cool.   Remember – if it was once cool enough to covet, chances are you will want it again in a couple of years – maybe even Months!   We have been wearing our nameplates since our Bat-Mitzvah.   They got bigger (and golder) in our hip hop stage, we collected them in different languages on trips abroad, and then we remembered them in the late 90’s with a couple of sexy NYC gals living the life on TV that we’d been living for real since we were 16.   What’s next for name-plates?   Brookadelphia all the way.   Their name-plates are different; they have sprinkle of sophistication, a dash of irony, and a heaping teaspoon of street cred – in a totally new way.   So, what would you get?   Your name?   I don’t think so!   That is sooooooo 90’s!   How about randomly sporting something or a word you love.   Destiny? Apricots?   Tofu?   Ballet?   Shalom? Or something you believe in; “Go Vegan” or “Fight Racism”?

Or maybe it’s not even a word.   Maybe it’s an item you love; like an ice cream cone, or telephone, or razor blade.   Anyway you slice it, these trinkets are still way cool.   You can order what they have on tap, or custom order here.

Isn’t it fun to design your own jewelry and clothes?!   It’s like playing with Barbies, or having FREEDOM! will hand paint vintage or your own purse or jackets with iconic, super cool images of punk rock and pop culture.   Talk about a way to make the old new again!

Vegan gals: take note – some of the bags from Elponk are painted-on very old (thereby, technically eco-friendly) vintage leather.   The good news is: you can send in your own vegan bag, or take advantage of Elponk’s numerous vinyl and pleather goods.   Skippee!

Let’s get serious; want a couture dress – without a couture price?   Boom, done! You can  design your own eco-friendly gown or dress for any super special event  at Olivia Luca.

An Olivia Luca Wedding.
An Olivia Luca Wedding.

You can choose from a variety of styles and fabrics, including organic cotton, hemp silk, charmeuse, and Fair Trade organza.  For our strictly vegan ladies, try a design made with  their amazing bamboo-organic cotton blend or organic cotton sateen.   The sleek and snazzy website walks you right through some basic do-it-yourself designs (it’s more fun than a barrel of marshmallows!!), for a finished product that is uniquely beautiful, just like you are.   Do you need a bucket to barf in yet?     All kidding aside, these dresses are absolutely within your budget (promise), and how exciting is it (for us vegan gals) to find dresses sans silk!

Cheesetabulous Lillian Vernon has so many hilarious, yet inviting, personalized products to choose from.   Take note for your holiday shopping now!   We heart that you can gift a silver-plated tape measure with custom-engraved with your monogram for $8.     For real, it’s a great gift!   The butches n’ boys in our brood would absosmurfly covet this.

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Or Savor the flavor with a $20 monogrammed wine stopper (gift alert!):

What does everyone really, deep down want this time of the back-to-school-ish year?   Personalized pencils. Just imagine the possibilities!

A wise man once told us; “Do you.”   It meant – show the world who you are, get what you deserve, and speak your truth.   What better place to start than with your stuff?   The tattoo free have another option to stamp themselves custom.       Better hustle, those pencils won’t order themselves!

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