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A Line Of Insanely Good Vegan Empanadas And Croissants That Ship To Your Home!

A Line Of Insanely Good Vegan Empanadas And Croissants That Ship To Your Home!

This is a Covid-era dream come true.

In a wild mashup, famously delicious vegan food truck and catering company Cinnamon Snail and empanada company Nuchas joined together to offer up a pretty darn exciting line of vegan products that will not only delight consumers, but will also support charitable causes important to the founders.

This delicious line of heat and serve products includes empanadas filled with curry leaf chana, seitan al pastor, ancho chili baked tofu, and miso ginger roasted Korean pumpkin among others and croissants including the crave-able hazelnut chocolate. And get this – you can ORDER THEM ONLINE!

This is vegan bliss by mail.

Those of us who used to have no vegan cheese options can only revel in the symphonic magic that is vegan croissants by mail.

Adam Sobel, Cinnamon Snail Chef & Owner and Ariel Barbouth, CEO of Nuchas, randomly met while vending in Midtown and being “moved along” by the NYPD.

Since that episode in 2012, they have become close friends.

Working together, Adam and Ariel created a line of inspiring, nourishing plant-based empanadas and croissants that they will produce and market to consumers nationwide. A portion of the proceeds from these products will go toward sanctuaries and outreach programs to help vulnerable animals and humans.

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ORDER Online – You’ll thank us later!  – they ship nationwide.
They arrive frozen, ready to heat and serve.
Vegan Empanada's Delivered To Your Home!
Vegan Empanada’s Delivered To Your Home!
Vegan croissant heaven!
Vegan croissant heaven!

Check out this INSANE menu: