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Seven Savory Summery Sandwich Recipes

Seven Savory Summery Sandwich Recipes

It’s summer!   And that means sandwiches on the beach or by the lake, since salads are slightly too complicated for on-the-go picnics.   Already sick of hummus sandwiches and PBJs?   So are we.   So let’s get slightly creative with different sandwich ideas that are perfect for taking to work or to a picnic in the park ! via Vegan At Heart;

Seven Savory Summery Sandwich Recipes

This roasted beet, sweet tofu ricotta, and horseradish sandwich is as delicious as it looks.

Hey, I’m an Indian dish! No, I’m a sandwich! Wait. I’m a pav bhaji, and I’m awesome.

VeganYumYum’s smoky miso tofu sandwich is a great excuse to whip up some smoky tofu, which would also be great on a vegan BLT.

This chickpea salad sandwich makes a wonderful alternative to egg salad or tuna salad (sans cholesterol or mercury).   We also live for our vegan tuna-sammies!

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Sandwiches don’t have to be just for lunch. VeganDad tried a tofu English muffin sandwich that is perfect for a breakfast on the terrace… mimosa included, or not.

He also uses healthy, summery veggies–zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, tomato and basil–for his Italian sub.

And this tempeh reuben from the Peta2 blog has a non-vegan’s stamp of approval. We’d swap out the mustard and vegan mayo from this recipe for some Follow Your Heart’s Thousand Island Dressing.

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