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The First Modern Candy Store: Organic, Vegan, Online, & On-Demand

The First Modern Candy Store: Organic, Vegan, Online, & On-Demand

HunnyBon tells us that having a sweet tooth is a natural thing…we just have to indulge it right, and they want to show us how.  This online candy store just launched with 30 different candies and chocolates, all organic, vegan, and non-GMO.  Lucky New Yorker’s can satisfy their sweet tooth within a few hours, using HunnyBon’s same-day delivery service offered to most zip codes in Manhattan and a few in Brooklyn.  National shipping is offered to all 50 U.S. states, with the most adorable bear-adorned shipping box arriving to your door.  And the candy is next level good. Gourmet level yummy. These are healthier sweets for a healthier generation.  Clean ingredients, no GMOs, no animal products, and no guilt.

Whether you’re looking for healthier alternatives to classic favorites, or unique sweets filled with superfoods, HunnyBon has something for everyone.  From organic chocolate covered pretzels, starburst-like fruit chews, and gummy bears, to chocolate quinoa crunch, chocolate covered chia seeds, goji berries, and ginger…HunnyBon delivers artisanal treats that are just as delicious as they are healthy.  Sweeteners range from organic cane-sugar, coconut sugar, and maple syrup, to stevia and erythritol. Search among the collections to satisfy your diet preferences, like “Soy-Free,” “Nut-Free,” “Paleo,” “Kosher,” “Raw Vegan,” and “Sugar-Free”.  All products are curated by the company’s founder, a nutritional counselor, and then go on to pass group taste testing, with only the “ooh and ahh” producing items making the cut.

HunnyBon Vegan Organic Candy!

HunnyBon has it’s own approval system, “HunnyBon Approved” meaning it is:


  • organic
  • vegan
  • sustainably produced
  • minimally processed

and Always Free From:

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  • GMOs
  • refined sugars, corn syrup, & HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)
  • dairy & animal products
  • artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and additives
  • preservatives
  • pesticides
  • transfats

They are also expanding their corporate gift program and favor offerings for weddings, showers, and other special events.  Bring a bag of HunnyBon sweets to your next dinner party…we promise it will be way more popular than a bottle of wine.

HunnyBon Vegan Organic Candy!2

HunnyBon was founded by Kimberly Silver, a nutritional health counselor and natural food consultant.  After studying nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition/SUNY, cofounding a health reporting company “New Healthy Attitude”, and 7 years of working in the organic food industry in NYC, including at Candle 79 – New York’s premier organic, vegan, fine-dining restaurant, Kimberly launched HunnyBon in 2015.  With a sweet tooth of her own, she saw the gap in the industry, and set out on a mission to fill it.  Where do conscious consumers go to satisfy their sweet tooth? Now they can go to HunnyBon, the candy store for a healthier generation.  Learn more about the company and see the sweets at, or follow on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Same-day delivery is available in NYC, and national shipping throughout the 50 US states.