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A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

Feeling low on Thanksgiving recipe inspiration? Try these simple tasty recipes that will get you in a holiday state of mind faster than you can say “Barbra Streisand Christmas Album.” We would never consider celebrating a day of thankfulness by eating murdered genetically mutilated birds, or not recognizing that the concept of this “holiday” is a hot mess (we stole land and murdered native people and now we celebrate it? Yay murder!)   Reinterpret this holiday by gathering with conscious individuals and eating an organic, plant based feast where you take inventory of your blessings.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Let’s start with Turkey-Alternatives:

Think you’ll be missing out on something if you eliminate turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner? Guess again! Here are some of the most delicious turkey alternatives on the market from A Gentle Thanksgiving.  We like to baste our tofurky (or other faux turk) with a mixture of white wine, nutritional yeast, and olive oil and throw it in a large cast iron casserole pot (in the oven) with carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, celery, and gobs of fresh herbs.  We let it slow roast and marinate for hours.  Yum.

Tofurky – The Tofurky Roast, brought to you by Turtle Island Foods, is a pre-cooked vegan feast. Made from a revolutionary tofu-wheat protein blend, Tofurky is known for its incredible, turkey-like texture and flavor. Enhanced with a flavorfully moist stuffing, Tofurky will far exceed your expectations. For nutritional information and product details, visit!

Celebration Roast
– Field Roast has created a delicious vegan stuffed entrée that is perfect for the holidays and at any celebratory meal. Each roast is made by hand, wrapped in a cotton netting, and simmered to perfection. A tasty delicacy, it is complete with a stuffing made with butternut squash, apples, and mushrooms. Visit for more information!

 Veggie Turkey Breast – Garden Protein International brings to the table the Veggie Turkey Breast with Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing. Bursting with healthful ingredients, including several vital minerals and five essential B vitamins, its made with pure canola oil, so it contains no trans fat. Garden Protein’s Veggie Turkey Breast is available at the Whole Foods Market deli along with vegan versions of all the traditional side dishes.

Now for the sides and additional nummies.  Yummy Plants is chock full of good side, app, and main course recipes.

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