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Eat This: Bacon Chocolate Bar (Kosher and Vegan)

Eat This: Bacon Chocolate Bar (Kosher and Vegan)

There’s a new flavor of vegan chocolate bar launching from Rescue Chocolate this week, and it’s going to allow customers to bring home the bacon… but not really.

Announcing the Fakin’ Bacon Bar. As top gourmands know, the idea of salty-smoky bacon plus sweet-deep chocolate is a winning taste combination. Bacon has been turning up in all kinds of desserts lately. Now the veg set can enjoy this unique gourmet experience. Rescue Chocolate’s bar features a bacon substitute that is even tastier than the “real” thing.

Rescue Chocolate founder Sarah Gross has been dreaming of this bar since the beginning, which is almost 2 years ago. She founded her vegan chocolate company in January 2010 with the idea of donating all net proceeds to animal rescue organizations. To date, she has sent out checks to 18 monthly beneficiaries and helped scores of other pet-friendly groups with their auctions and fundraisers.

But it took until now to come up with the right mix of ingredients for her Fakin’ Bacon Bar, working in concert with executive chef Jean-Francois Bonnet. “He experimented for several months to get the chemistry just right,” Gross said. “When we got to the final product, I was in pig heaven.”

Like all of the Rescue Chocolate flavors, the new bar comes wrapped in verbiage that clues in consumers to an issue important in the animal rescue world. Fakin’ Bacon calls attention to the plight of farm animals and celebrates the rescuers working at farm animal sanctuaries.

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“Pigs, goats, chickens, horses, cows, ducks… I really think they ought to be able to live out their lives in meadows and ponds and pastures instead of spending their days in factory farms and winding up on someone’s dinner plate,” Gross said.

Fakin’ Bacon joins the roster of these other flavors and issues:

  • Peanut Butter Pit Bull, which advocates against breed-specific legislation.
  • Pick Me! Pepper, urging people to pick their next dog or cat from an animal shelter instead of a pet store or breeder.
  • Foster-iffic Peppermint, paying homage to those who foster animals, thus freeing up space in shelters and also socializing the pooches and pusses to make them more adoptable.
  • Mission Feral Fig, publicizing the humane management of feral cat colonies.
  • The Fix, a plain dark bar, named to highlight the importance of spaying and neutering one’s companion animals.
  • Bow Wow Bon Bons, reminding people that a dog is a forever friend.
  • Wild At Heart truffle collections, which reason against the exploitation of wild animals.

Rescue Chocolate is sold at various retail outlets around the country as well as online:

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